Why You Need to Watch BBC’s ‘Being Human’

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A few years ago a friend of mine told me about a show they had seen on BBC America about a vampire, werewolf, and ghost living together. I remember they said to me, “I think it’s called Being Human. You should check it out, it’s right up your alley.”

Needless to say I was all over that like stink on, well, something very stinky and after watching the first episode I was hooked. It’s everything I love about the supernatural genre combined with wit, charm, and hilarity. The show is now on its fourth series and I am happy to say is just as wonderful as ever. If you have never watched BBC’s Being Human, then let me enlighten you as to why it is kind of amazing.

1). IT’S REFRESHING AND ORIGINAL. These days we are bombarded with stories about vampires and werewolves. Every other new film or show is jumping on the supernatural bandwagon, which I wouldn’t mind so much if the stories weren’t so derivative of each other. Being Human thankfully does not fall into this category. The main characters are unique and endearing, and they stand apart from the stereotypical depictions that occur with supernatural creatures.


Renaissance Faire, Faires, Pirates and Mead

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Renaissance Faire 2012

A sunny, Southern California day with heat in the 90 degrees Farenheit weather seemed like a good day to spend a day at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Despite the slight sunburns and sweating profusely all day, Gizzy B, Sailor Mizz and I all had a blast. We ate and drank expensive beer and even made an effort to dress up. I was a space fairy from the future… good thing the theme that day was Time Travel. We ran into tons of friends and got to watch the Dread Crew of Oddwood perform. Those pirates are pretty drunken and a bit naughty.


GEEK LIFE: Vampire Diaries and My Apology

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I used to believe I was a sensible person (who some times did nonsensical things). I scoffed at other women who thought having a vampire boyfriend would actually be a good idea. I rolled my eyes at the “sexy”-fying of vampires. I believed they should be left alone to be evil, bloodsucking monsters. I didn’t think anyone else but Anne Rice really captured vampire psychology. I still have a great dislike towards Twilight. When Vampire Diaries first started airing on television, I rolled my eyes. I thought I would just chalk the show up as another dumb, tweeny show and its target audience was definitely not me.

Then it happened. My friends started talking about the show and how amazing it was. I was shocked. These are people who I respect! Their opinions mattered to me! What is going on? Is the show really that good? Inevitably, my curiosity got the best of me and I signed on to my Netflix account to watch the show.

Now, I owe everyone an apology.


SUPER*MARKET: Shopping and Podcasting

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SUPER*MARKET at Meltdown Comics
When Bubble Punch invited us to do a live show at Meltdown Comics in the Nerdist Theater for SUPER*MARKET, I wasn’t going to say no!

What is SUPER*MARKET, you ask? This is the first SUPER*MARKET I’ve ever attended and I loved it. Bubble Punch invited local artists and designers to sell their original merchandise. Others were selling their own over flow of awesome stuff, like clothing and shoes. It was definitely more aimed at the ladies and our need to buy everything that is cute but hopefully, as the show gets bigger, we’ll have more things that dudes can enjoy too. Though I see no reason why a dude can’t rock a cupcake necklace if they wanted to, but that’s just me.


Ep. 56 Live at SUPER*MARKET!

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From our live podcast show at SUPER*MARKET at the Nerdist Theater in Meltdown Comics. We had a gentleman’s debate on which movie will be better: The Avengers VS. The Dark Knight Rises. Listen in to find out who won.

ART: Frak Off

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I wanted to put my art on a flyer for the website because I needed motivation and inspiration to draw a new illustration. It has been quite while. I get so busy these days that it’s been hard to sit down and get inspired with just a pencil and drawing paper. This was done within a few hours and colored with Prismacolor colored pencils. My two concept were the Lady Geek ‘sunglasses’ and a shirt that says Frak Off – which was inspired from an episode of Chuck.

You can get this flyer on Free Comic Book Day on May 5th at The Comic Bug.

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