Helenna Santos Levy on ‘Legendary: A Tale of Blood and Steel’

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Photographer: Lowell Ong

Helenna has been taking the geek community by storm as part of Geek Girls Create, her love for new media and her obsession with Joss Whedon. She recently landed one of her dream acting jobs and has joined the cast of Legendary: A Tale of Blood and Steel. She was kind enough to answer a few question for us on her role in this highly anticipated fantasy web series. She is definitely a girl to keep your eyes on!

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What can you tell us about Legendary: A Tale of Blood and Steel and how did you get involve?

Helenna: I’m really excited to be a part of Legendary! It’s such a cool project and I think that anyone who is a fan of Game of Thrones, or the fantasy genre in general, is going to freak out over it since it’s basically Game of Thrones for the online audience.


COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Expiration Date #1

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“Our ability to achieve near immortality through the eradication of all disease and the cloning of human organs has bred an entirely new threat to the survival of mankind. Overpopulation has brought the human race to the brink of near extinction. Now, more than ever, a program of governed population control must be considered. It is time we realized it is not the quantity of our life that matters, but the quality of it.” 

It is the year 2496 and the population of the United States has reached 8.6 billion. Every human being, by law, is implanted with an SY-9 chip. This chip controls overpopulation by activating at random and “expiring” the host. In so many words, it kills them. One day, a rising politician vows to end the reign of the SY-9 chips, but then sadly “expires” on the brink of his popularity. The investigation of his death begins to unravel a dark and devious conspiracy. This is the world of Expiration Date. 


An Ode to Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo and an 80s Dance Party

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San Diego Comic-con is coming up and most of us are either excited or stressed out about it… or perhaps both. Of course, Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo is throwing an epic party: TOTALLY GEEKTASTIC COMIC-CON DANCE PARTY! on Thursday night, July 12 at the Spin Nightclub in San Diego.

Although we are looking forward to the Comic-con shenanigans this year, I thought I should blog about why you should start getting excited for Comikaze Expo 2012 now! Besides the fact that their 80s dance party is going to rock so hard. I bet you never imagined you’d go to an 80s themed party with Stan Lee.

Yes, Comikaze Expo on the same caliber of SDCC’s pop-culture insanity but it offers plenty of guests and attractions carefully picked to cater to the nerds. Comikaze Expo did so well on its first year in 2011 that it had exploded into the community loudly and proudly. I think that you would find that it truly cares about the fans and they’re working hard to improve the quality of the experience for the fans only. Not for Hollywood.


Anime Expo 2012: Brands Boutique and Cosplay Overload

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Zoe from Brands Boutique invited me to come back to Anime Expo this year and I gladly made the trek to the Los Angeles Convention Center. I missed AX last year and it felt like I haven’t been to the convention in a really long time.

Anime Expo 2012

Yes, I was overwhelmed and somewhat confused. I’m not familiar with a lot of the new anime series that people are cosplaying these days. I mostly recognize Evangelion or Legend of Korra cosplayers. I felt sad for my old-lady-self. I did enjoy taking photos and this video with Fortune Cookie!

The Exhibit Hall has gotten a lot better since I last remembered too. There were so many indie artists, not just at the artist alley but at bigger booths selling a lot of self-produced merchandise. Most of it were high quality goods and I was very much tempted to purchase a lot of cute things.


Women in Games

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I don’t usually wade into the drama of the Video Game Industry. One more voice amongst the cacophony of crazy isn’t going to make any difference in whatever rage inducing topic has the gaming community in fits this week.

However, this time I feel like the rage topic has hit very close to home and I can’t let it pass me by. I am a woman and I work in the video games industry as a technical developer. I’ve been doing it for 6 years now.