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Ep. 240 The Committee with James B Emmett


Comic book artist and writer, James B Emmett, returns to the podcast to talk about his latest project, The Committee. We talk about what is it like for him to draw and write a series and of course, there is a sprinkle of nerd discussion in between too. Check out The Committee at Wayward Raven now!

Ep. 124 Taken Trilogy

In this week’s episode, the Lady Geeks discuss all the fine films that are on the works in Hollywood currently — including Independence Day 2, Taken 3 and the third Riddick movie. Gizzy B is once again way too excited to be talking about Jeff Goldblum. Listen to SailorMizz answer another burning question and give advice to a listener.

Ep. 53 Aliens and Turtles

Our Lady Geeks discuss the upcoming ‘Ninja Turtles’ movie, produced by Michael Bay, and tries to imagine how epic and explode-y it’s going to get. Alien turtles, anyone? This episode is also full of old lady creepiness. Fanfic Theater: Doctor Who and Godzilla.