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In the name of the Moon, We will cheer for you!

Sailor Cheer-17

This summer marked the return of Sailor Moon to tv, both across Japan, and internationally via streaming sites like Crunchy Roll and Hulu.

Growing up with Sailor Moon, plenty of us here at Defective Geeks, along with our friends from Skirts & Swords, could not resist doing a causual variant cosplay for Sailor Moon Day at Anime Expo.  So we got to brainstorming and decided it would be awesome to be Sailor Moon Cheerleaders.

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Ep. 131 Bates-Man

The Lady Geeks continue their game of Hot or Not with more of Downton Abbey’s finest: Thomas, William and Bates. Listen and find out if Valerie thinks they are hot or not. We also get into the evolution of conventions and why nerds are still so attracted to them despite having the internet. Fanfic Theater: Lord of the Rings.

Ep. 127 Magnet Yellow

The Lady Geeks are excited about San Diego Comic-con 2013 weekend (like we are every year, apparently) and so we discuss our plans for the weekend which mostly involves booze. And possibly stalking Joe Manganiello. Fortune Cookie recaps her Anime Expo 2013 weekend. Then we talk some more about SDCC and sound like complete douchebags! Fanfic Theater: Batman x Robocop.