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Ep. 220 Glitter Bombed Huntsman Spider Revenge



Alchimique brings back “Fandom Word of the Day” and discusses how the young kids of the tumblrverse use the word “garbage” and talks about her weekend at Anime Los Angeles, then the Lady Geeks devise the best sort of revenge upon a person: a glitter bomb with a very pissed off glitter covered huntsman spider inside. Fanfic Theatre: Star Wars.

Ep. 219 The Betrayal of 2015


Listen to why the Space Pirate Queen and Gizzy B has given up all hope in life and why there is no other choice but to weep a river of sad, fangirl tears. But in other news, we announced our first winner to the Ovaries Explosion Award of 2015! Fanfic Theatre: Pirate’s of the Caribbean x Godzilla.

Anime Los Angeles Day Three

Day three starts out ~*romantically*~ (NO NOT REALLY.)

Poor Vince didn’t get too much sleep the night before because he was a gentleman and slept on the floor so all of us girls have beds. Unfortunately, it was REALLY cold since we have a balcony and the draft is horrible. He also woke up with Kelly’s feet dangling in his face. Poor guy.

We both woke up about the same time at a very early hour so we decided to go jogging. He’s been on this regimen for over a year so running is cakewalk for him. For me it’s more like trying to keep going with lava injected into my veins.

But he was nice and slowed down for me when I would stop every minute or so. And then tell me to keep going. ‘3’

We got back but everyone was still sleeping so I took the opportunity to shower and then start changing. It was going to be a grueling last day. Why?
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Anime Los Angeles Day Two

Huzzah! Finally, right? Well, it will be worth the wait because of the awesome videos. :)

Day Two

We all got a good night’s sleep in order to get up ~*bright and early*~ to change into our group cosplay. Both Vince and I woke up early to work out. He left earlier to go jog around the surrounding neighborhood while I hit the small hotel gym. Exercise is important! I did about 40 minutes of running on the treadmill before moving onto weight training when Vince met up with me and went back to the room to check our roommates who were either still sleeping or just getting up.

It was a bit surreal to see the pool area go from empty to completely PACKED in those two hours. Friday had been a little low-key due to many people having school or work that day so of course Saturday is the big no-holds party day from real life. It’s just really amazing how well this space works for an anime convention.

We all got dressed as characters from the series Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (aka Buldgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan). Basically it’s a very silly and pervy comedy series about a high school boy and his guardian angel…who beats him to death and brings him back to life in crazy ways. We had cosplayed this series at Fanime but our friend Alice wanted to be part of the group as another character so we decided to do it again for ALA.

After we were all finally done (I have a habit of always misplacing my socks), we went downstairs and ran into Space Pirate Queen and MissTea! Both girls had decided to drop by for a half day so we chatted it up as we watched the youngsters filter by. It was also here that I discovered that Kelly also knew MissTea from high school. Small world…

Anime LA, 2011
L –> R: Me (as Dokuro), Space Pirate Queen, MissTea, and Kelly (as Sakura)

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Anime Los Angeles – Day 1

S’up guys! I know, long time, huh? Space Pirate Queen was going to stalk me outside my house so I thought I better get cracking on something recent! Thus, I’l give you guys more about the inner workings of Anime Los Angeles, an anime convention that took place at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott by LAX.

The pooldeck at the LAX Marriot.

Out of the many bazillion conventions I’ve been to, I’ve never missed out on this one since its humble beginnings at the Van Nuys Airport. I guess a big reason is that it’s so close and the timing’s good and when there are no big obligations. But that aside, I love the environment and the people here. Even though ALA grows at a steady rate every year, the relaxed and friendly nature of this con has not changed very much. It’s relaxing to just be able to sit down and watch the con attendees buzz about excitedly from the comforts of a beanbag or a lovingly-painted bench. It feels like one big massive sleepover with the helpful and hospitable staff always just around the corner to point out where to get snacks or where a cosplayer can get some help to fix their costume.

Space Pirate Queen and I at ALA 2007

I made the trip up to Los Angeles in the early afternoon with my partners-in-crime Lauren and Kelly. It wasn’t packed intensely like when we went up to Fanime so that was ace, but I made them detour a little before we left the OC in order to buy some boba milk drinks.


I had promised my friend Amy (right; dressed as America from Axis Powers Hetalia) that I’d dress up as Taiwan (same series) and we’d have an arms trade boba date at ALA. Mission accomplished! This is also when Sklathill started making ALA the Convention of Slow-Motion Videos.

The first day went by at a relaxed pace and we ran into a few familiar people before we found Amy and her friends doing a small America and Rosie the Riveter photoshoot outside the hotel. We helped out a little bit and witnessed quite a few antics! And added a few of our own, proving that you don’t have to be half our age to act stupid.

I changed into my Black Hanakawa (Bakamonogatori) cosplay after the sun went down which was kind of a necessary mistake. My character is the darker and vocal alter-ego of one of the main characters that comes out during the night when she is asleep. Unfortunately, that means wearing a negligee and taking photos in the cold. BRR! Why do I cosplay. But the photos came out nice (here).

I tormented my friends with this tongue twister: “Can you im-nya-gine an im-nya-ginary men-nya-gerie m-nya-anager im-nya-gining m-nya-anaging an im-nya-ginary men-nya-gerie?”

Lauren and I almost always watch the AMVs at conventions so we sat through this year’s. I wish that I had known just when the deadline was for the AMVs because many of the videos this year fell short or were repeats. But here’s my favorite! It played at Anime Expo 2010 but I was just as excited to see it here as I was then.

We quickly got some pictures of Lauren and of Kelly on the pool deck since it was relatively empty. Lauren’s dressed as a random squirrel and Kelly is dressed as Nabuca (Now and Then, Here and There. We started calling her ‘Nyabuca’ once she put on my cat ears).

After that, we changed back into normal clothing and left the hotel for dinner. It happened to be First Friday which is a monthly smorgasbord of food truck goodness so we hightailed it down to Venice (part of Los Angeles, not Italy!) to see which trucks had come to feed the hungry masses. Sklathill and I got food from the Frysmith. I had only tried food from the LA food trucks at the Sanrio 50th event but it did not prepare me for how amazing the kimchi fries were.

We arrived back at the hotel when everyone’s either partying or winding down for the evening. Since we are old farts, we decided to just stay in the room. Poor Vince and Kelly had to endure listening to the (hilarious) Hetalia dub as Lauren and I sewed the finishing touches on our costumes. Sorry, guys! (and thanks for the pictures!! My camera was a brick for ALA!)

I am splitting this report into either two or three parts. I originally wanted to do one giant one but alas, 1) I’d be up for a while looking through pictures and it’s already 2am and 2) it probably would be easier to read. More tomorrow! (today, I mean.)