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Ep. 166 Pokemon Trolling

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Join the Lady Geeks for another round of ‘Boy Judging’ in which Gizzy B decides whether the boys of Ouran Host Club are ‘Hot or Not’! Fortune Cookie educates us on the now legendary Pokemon online gaming phenomenon. Fanfic Theatre: Harry Potter.

Winter 2014 Anime Watch List

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The winter anime season has already kicked off! I have gone through the lists and scoured through my wish list – I’ve shortened it some because I had way too many to watch in the fall, and actually ended up cutting some out because I had been on the fence about watching them anyways, and… Read more »

Ep. 164 ManRats

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The Lady Geeks discuss Hollywood’s attempt at “whitewashing” Akira, Bill Finger’s uncredited work on Batman and a shipwreck unleashed by Canada full of cannibal rats. Fandom Word of the Day: Tokubetsu na kibun.

Ep. 159 Embrace Your Weird

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Inspired by the anime, Princess Jellyfish, the Lady Geeks get into a discussion about what it means to be different, how it affected them as young people and how to deal with the hardships of feeling like an ‘outsider.’ Fanfic Theatre: Harry Potter.

A Company Man and Weiss Kreuz: I Love Assassins

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A Company Man is a South Korean action-thriller film about a hitman, Ji Hyeong-Do, who clocks in at a seemingly normal looking office every day wearing a typical suit and tie. The company he works for is in fact full of trained assassins pretending to file and photocopy papers at their cubicles while quietly taking… Read more »