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INTERVIEW: Helen Johns is Mrs. Barry in the New Season of ANNE WITH AN E

Anne with an E premiered it’s third season on the CBC this September (the whole season will be available on Netflix in January 2020). Actress, Helen Johns, returns to her role as Mrs. Eliza Barry, a loving but nervous parent of her two daughters in the show. Find out more on what you can expect from the show below!

Hi Helen, tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from and when did you know you wanted to become an actor? What inspired you to pursue this path?

I’m a British-born actress, now living in California. I’ve always known I wanted to act. Apparently I started telling people when I was three! I loved reading aloud as a child, and putting on shows for my long-suffering family, so it was inevitable really. My aunt was a stage manager in the West End theatre world, so that was my first real taste of the industry. I would sit with her up in her perch backstage and watch the shows again and again.

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INTERVIEW: Taras Lavren Talks About His Role ‘Anne With An E’ and His Project, Blink Twice Films

Taras Lavren was bitten by the acting bug at a young age and has taken on that passion to grow a career in acting and filmmaking. He received his first big break when he landed a role in The CW’s Reign, and currently plays Nate in Netflix’s Anne With An E. Read his interview below to find out more!

Hello, Taras, thank you so much for talking to Defective Geeks! Tell us what it’s like to be involved in such an acclaimed show, ‘Anne With An E’, and how you got the role to play Nate.

It’s pretty wild being on such a huge show as Anne with an E, I’m still blown away by how large of an audience and fanbase it has outside of Canada, let alone here! So the way I booked the gig, is actually hilarious because I never once stepped into an audition room. I had sent a tape into casting right before I left on vacation to Mexico in 2017 and then about three days into my trip I got an e-mail saying I had a callback in like two days! Not knowing what to do, I messaged casting and after some careful deliberation they agreed that I could just submit a second tape from where I was. So I’m in a hotel room with my girlfriend in Mexico, and with a stack of corona cases we borrowed as a tripod for the camera, we somehow managed to submit the second tape over dodgy wi-fi. Two days later, (on our last day) I got an e-mail that I booked the part! I’ve never had a luckier vacation, I still think it’s probably for the best as I probably would’ve completely bombed it if I had to go in the room!

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