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Bunnies & Bow, an art and fashion show opening night

Bunnies & Bows!

The opening night for Bunnies & Bows on May 7 came and went but it was truly a fun night. With my boyfriend, Taglebot, in tow, we arrived at Japan LA early because Michelle had asked me to do a little chalk doodle infront of the store. I awarded myself with a sushi “burrito” from the Jogasaki food truck who served dinner to the party goers for the rest of the night. We joined the party inside the store again after we ate and I started to take photos.

I was thrilled to see my art piece up on the wall with all the other wonderful work of art from talented and established artists. I never imagined my first official art show (that wasn’t school related) would be so much fun and just plain out cool. Gizzy came out to show her support, hooray! As well as my friend Rachael from Glass of Win, Jess from, Onch from Onch Movement, Shrinkle of Sugarpill and all our local friends, Ryan, Shaun, Shane, Edith, Lena, Jeremy, Greg, Tim, Callie (sorry if I missed a particular person on this shout-out, you are welcome to yell at me if I do)… thank you all so much to everyone that parties with us! Thank you to my wonderful boyfriend for staying the whole night and going home as tired and as happy as I was!

Bunnies & Bows!

Michelle (Chubby Bunny and our great event hostess) even asked me to help judge the costume contest. I was glad we had several judges that voted because picking the winners was hard. Everyone came out in their best bunnies and bows. You can watch the video from the contest after the jump below.

Bunnies & Bows!
Buy these awesome bows at

I spent most of the night talking to friends, shopping inside Japan LA— soooo hard to resist buying anything inside there– including a couple of Michelle’s new bows and pigging out on Lil Rae’s cake balls. Delicious! The art will be showcased inside Japan LA until May 29, so stop by if you missed the opening night. All the pieces are for sale for all of you art collectors out there. If you happen to swing by there, please let me know what you think!

A lot of my photos will be on the LA Weekly website, which I will post once they are up. Continue reading

ART: I Dream of Bunnie

This Saturday, May 7, 2011, will be the opening night for Bunnies & Bows, an event curated by Michelle Nguyen AKA I Am Chubby Bunny.

Here is my final piece that will be going up at Japan LA for the art show. I worked with watercolor, ink pen, and washi paper from Hiromi Paper Inc. The title of the piece is I Dream of Bunnie – yes, it’s very much a play-on with I Dream of Jeannie (a television show from the 60s that used to play on the Nickelodeon channel back in the 90s, for all you youngsters out there!). I did several sketches before deciding on this image. At first, I was going the more cartoon illustration style but the image wasn’t as fluid as I would have liked. I eventually decided I was over-thinking my concept and started sketching again while I was relaxing on a Friday night (aka, I was watching Supernatural). When I finished the sketch of this girl, looking like she’s in a deep trance or she’s sleeping, with a hint of a smile on her face – I knew it was the one I wanted to take to the final steps.

I think I tried to represent the sort of peaceful happiness you feel when you’ve worked long and hard to achieve a lifelong goal or a dream. I’ve watched Michelle’s progress as an artist/fashionista to a budding independent businesswoman. For me, despite the long and stressful hours she puts in to get work done on a daily basis, I know she has found what is going to make her happy for the rest of her career. I am hoping my illustration will remind her of her happy-bunny-life as a result of following her dreams.

Michelle is one of those special people who showed the world that all it takes is dedication and a lot of hard work to make your own dreams come true! That’s pretty much my inspiration for this :)

Progress shots:

Michelle wrote this very, very sweet Meet-the-Artist blog about me: A Nerd By Any Other Name

Admittedly, it made me tear up when I read the blog. I am always grateful when people say kind things about me and I don’t take it for granted that I know unique and talented people like Michelle in my life. As I’ve mentioned before, I am incredibly excited to be a part of this show and you should take the time to check out all the other participating artists on Michelle’s blog.

The opening night will be loads of fun with fashion, contests and food.


Chubby Bunny Presents Bunnies & Bows Art Exhibition and Fashion Event!

Bunnies & Bows Press Release

I hope to see you all on May 7th!

Save the Date! Bunnies & Bows

On May 7th, 2011, Michelle aka iamchubbybunny will be celebrating both her graduation and birthday with a big event and art show. I was honored enough to be one of the participating artists for the show. To be honest, I was somewhat reluctant since I was gone for two weeks at the beginning of April for my trip… and now I will only have less than 2 weeks to finish my piece for the show.


But! Michelle is so lively, creative and colorful as a person that I realized I will not have any problems drawing inspiration from her. I already have several ideas on what to draw and my only trouble now is having to narrow it down…!

Needless to say, I am quite excited to be a part of this event and will be working hard to create some thing that will be worthy of Michelle’s style. A lot of other great artists (all of them I admire) are also contributing and I feel so humbled with the opportunity to be a part of this talented group. Honestly, I’m going to feel like such a n00b in comparison! Nevertheless, I know that since the Bubble Punch team is going to be running the show, it will be fun!

I hope many of you will be able to come by and party with us.

For further information, please visit Michelle’s iamchubbybunny blog!

You can also RSVP through the Bunnies and Bows facebook invite page.

#prayforjapan at Japan LA 3-17-11

Japan is a source of inspiration that has  captured the imaginations of artists for centuries.   One can safely say that art would not have been the same without Japanese influence (really who would want to look at Van Gogh’s paintings if they were all like his early dreary ones?).

Its pull has only become stronger in modern times as technology furthers the evolution of artistic expression. It seems appropriate enough that artists would roll up their sleeves and give back to the country that acts as their muse.  In just a few days, there were many events across the globe that sought to bring artists together to create amazing shows of solidarity.

I attended the opening night of the #prayforjapan art fundraiser event at JapanLA; a trendy “pop culture” shop in Los Angeles.   The show was curated by Caro of Sweet Streets and organized by Bubble Punch. All of the sales and donations went to the Red Cross to help with the Japanese earthquake and tsunami victims.

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We Heart Japan at Meltdown Comics

On St. Patrick’s Day, Meltdown Comics hosted a charity art event called We Heart Japan. Since I would be missing the rest of the charity art shows that weekend, I wanted to attend at least one event– and it has been awhile since I’ve made a stop at Meltdown Comics! My friend and co-worker, Liz Ohanesian, covered the event that night for LA Weekly and I accompanied her as her photographer. I got to watch her be a pro and interview some of the voice actors and artists that night!

The event was  put together by Stephanie Sheh, an American voice actress who has worked within the anime industry primarily. She recruited a long list of voice actors to come out and do autograph signings. Among the few actors present were Wendee Lee, Crispin Freeman, Travis Willingham and Daran Norris. There were a lot of wonderful artwork that were donated by different artists inside Meltdown’s art gallery.

We also got to see friends all night. Mike of The Wandering Kaijyu and Daniella of All About Manga were both present at the party. My friend, Shing,creator of Marlowe the Monster, was one of the artist who donated art and also volunteered for most of the night.

Money raised during the event and from the art sales went towards the aid of victims in Japan from the earthquake and tsunami.

Check out Liz’s blog on LA Weekly’s Style Council for a full report: Voice Actors, Artists and Anime Fans Say ‘We Heart Japan’ at Meltdown Comics.

Click here to check out my LA Weekly Slideshow and see more photos from the event!


Lisa, a pop culture icon.

The Fabulous Life of Lisa Nguyen
"The Coronation of StColaPop" by Shaun Redsar

The tribute art show for my dear late friend, Lisa, came and went but it was truly a memorable one. Friends and family– and even those who did not know her– gathered during the opening night, filling up the student gallery on the campus of Cal State Long Beach, the crowd spilling outside onto the courtyard. I would say almost 300 people showed up on opening night. There were tons of food (like she would have wanted there to be!) and even live djs. Congratulations to Jennifer Cotterill, our fearless and hardworking curator.

To those who went out of their way to come, even if you did not know Lisa personally, I want to give you the biggest thank you from the bottom of my heart. My co-worker, Jaguar, told me how he felt that, in a way, he got to know and felt Lisa’s spirit through everybody’s art.

The Fabulous Life of Lisa Nguyen

There were so much artwork that it almost looked like a collage of framed images all the way around the room. It was obvious how much she inspired and touched so many people.

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The Fabulous Life of Lisa Nguyen

JULIA'S BERDDAY!January 2011 was a rough month for myself and many of my friends. Sadly, on January 9, 2011, a dear and close friend of mine passed away. Her name was Lisa Nguyen.

At Anime Expo 2004, I briefly spoke with Lisa for the first time when she was sitting at the artist alley, selling NANA-inspired collar jewelry. I was excited to talk to somebody who was familiar with the NANA series… this was back when it wasn’t popular at all. I didn’t see Lisa again until the following year at Anime Expo 2005, when we both participated in a giant BLEACH cosplay group. I didn’t remember speaking to her the year before, but she remembered me. When I introduced myself to her, the first thing she told me was: “I know! I know who you are!”

We exchanged messages via and we figured out we were both living in Long Beach, California at the time. I swear, that very weekend, she drove up to my house and established our friendship. She was so assertive and open… and just plain fun! It was an adventure with her from that point on.

For a couple of years, we grew very close. Even though we did a lot of things on our own… I felt like we were inseparable at the same time. She introduced me to so many people and things- concerts, fashion events, themed parties, etc. I was seriously just a nerd whose annual schedule revolved around anime conventions at the time. She opened up a whole new level of geek and chic for me. She was definitely a big influence on who I am today. In the short 5 years I knew her, she inspired me to be more fashionable, confident and outgoing.

She was a wonderful, creative, talented and fierce force of nature. I called her “Little Lisa” all the time because she was quite short! But she was always bigger than myself, bigger than a lot of people with her giant personality. Needless to say, loosing her has been a terrible shock. It is hard to accept that she will no longer be around. It is hard to understand how life could be so unfair to someone who was so passionate and just loved living so much.

I can probably write so much more about Lisa and my friendship with her. Those who follow me on my twitter and livejournal know this. I will miss how she used to tell me how beautiful and talented I was (and to shut the fuck up whenever I felt unsure about myself!). I will miss how we used to talk forever when we are in our cars, driving in rush hour traffic. I will miss her laughing at my silly jokes and telling me how witty she thought I was. I will miss being “redunkulous” with her. I will miss going out dancing with her and watching her slowly get drunk with just one small drink. I will miss how funny and lively she was– and her unfiltered words that would some times get her into trouble. I will miss our food dates. I will miss her terribly. I still cry for her. Life will never be the same.

I love you forever, Lisa.

dawn x lisa 2006

I am pleased to invite all of you who live close to the Los Angeles area to come and join us as we celebrate Lisa’s fabulous life. This Sunday, February 6, 2011, we will be having a tribute art show and concert for her. Please join us! We owe it to her to continue her legacy and live on fabulously.

The Fabulous Life of Lisa Nguyen: A Tribute Art Show

Opening reception: February 6, 5pm – 7pm

Location: Werby Gallery, Student Gallery courtyard at Cal State University, Long Beach (map)

Facebook invite: (link)

The show will feature artwork from Lisa’s friends and family, as well as Lisa’s own work. Some of the art will be sold and the money will go towards a scholarship foundation in Lisa’s name and honor.

Leader of the Pack: Benefit Show for Lisa Nguyen

(aka Totes Appropes)

When: February 6, 2011, 9pm

Location: The Prospector, 2400 E. 7th St., Long Beach, CA

Ticket: $5 at the door, all proceeds will go towards Lisa’s art scholarship.

Facebook invite: (link)

Bands: Aubry & Thor (Long Beach), Brother Cecil (Orange County/Jackson, MS), Cunt Sparrer (Long Beach, CA), The Devil Bats (Los Angeles, CA), Inazuma (Los Angeles, CA/Japan), w/ DJ OLDBOY & DJ Peachy Keen

animagic 2005

Art Show: Epic Landscape

Two Months Off

Two Months Off: Epic Landscapes from Ordinary Places is Shane Redsar’s first ever solo exhibition, hosted at a clothing store, Una Mae’s. I attended the opening night party and it was actually a surprise to me that the show was held inside this store. It was unexpected! Amidst the vintage looking clothes and accessories, Shane’s photos were laid out on the walls and between merchandise. The theme of his photos effortlessly blended  with the store’s decor while catching my attention at the same time. Shane’s photography has always been pretty distinct to me; his style is so sharp and focused. He transforms the ordinary into vivid and quite beautiful imagery.

When I first found out Shane was planning this road trip, I was impressed and envious! Traveling cross-country and exploring new places always seems like a good idea to me. I am glad that he had decided to share his experience with the rest of us through this show.

“I went on this trip to decompress from work and to see the country. I love living in Los Angeles, but sometimes it can feel like being in a bubble. I hadn’t seen anything beyond a 25 mile radius from where I live in quite a while. I needed to do something to remind myself nature, small towns and other cities exist.” – Shane

It was a good evening with a great turn out for the show. Free alcohol and snacks were served, while a food truck fed the masses outside. I saw some good friends that I rarely see these days, which made me happy.

You can see more of the show pieces at his website,

The rest of our photos:

Two Months Off Two Months Off Two Months Off Two Months Off Two Months Off

Two Months Off Two Months Off Two Months Off Two Months Off Two Months Off

Two Months Off Two Months Off Two Months Off Two Months Off Two Months Off

Two Months Off Two Months Off Two Months Off Two Months Off Two Months Off