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Fanart Glee: Pacific Rim, Jaeger Party

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Gorgeous painting by GriveArt. No one was flailing as much as I was in the theater while watching Pacific Rim. No one.┬áThat said, when pondering what my next round of Fanart Glee post should be about, I realized — duh, I bet there’s some amazing Pacific Rim fanart on Tumblr these days! Check out the… Read more »

Fanart Glee: Loki, Brother and Trickster

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Art by Sulamoon. I tried very hard to resist the “Loki bandwagon” — I guess it’s more like the Tom Hiddleston bandwagon. Let’s face it, the character only became Tumblr-popular based on his portrayal of the character. I wasn’t strong enough to resist the Hiddlecharm. Especially with that sly and mischievous smile. All that green.

Fanart Glee: Tauriel and Kili

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Hobbit Denial Pyramid by skart2005 on deviantART Now, I know this is a controversial topic and most of all, a very controversial pairing (though most people seem to accept the Gimli and Legolas shipping a lot more) but I loved Tauriel in The Hobbit and I loved that Kili had a huge crush on her…. Read more »

Watch our LIVE Show Next Monday, January 13th!

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Next Monday at 8pm PST/11pm EST, we are premiering the reboot of our live Google Hangout show! We are really excited to do this again and have come with a lot more fun and visual segments for people watching. We are kicking it off with a game we are calling Mystery Craft and we are… Read more »

Ep. 151 Tara Bennett

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We got to geek out with┬áTara Bennett, who made a career out of her fangirl skills by writing for magazines and companion books for some of our favorite movies and television shows. Listen to her many experiences on different sets, studios and what’s it like to become a zombie on The Walking Dead and be… Read more »