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INTERVIEW: Sydney Meyer Stars In New Conspiracy-Mystery Series, Departure

Actor, Sydney Meyer, is known for playing Helena Blackthorn in Shadowhunters, a show beloved by fandom. Soon, you will see her in a new series called Departure as well as Netflix’s V-WARS alongside Ian Somherhalder.

Tell us about your new upcoming television show, Departure, and what was it like working with a cast that includes Archie Panjabi and Christopher Plummer? Who is your character, Sophie? 

Departure is an exciting mystery mini-series centered around a flight disappearance. It’s absolutely beautifully shot, so cinematic, and it has all these rich entwining storylines that keep you guessing until the last episode. It’s a beautiful, exciting, emotional series. The cast was incredible. It’s funny, when I was maybe 14 I went to Shakespeare school at Stratford and I remember seeing Christopher Plummer in The Tempest and being absolutely blown away by him. He was an actor I so looked up to and respected. So being on a show with him was just an absolute dream come true for me. Archie is so fabulous and such an amazing woman to be around as a young female artist. She is so incredibly skilled and intelligent and kind. She’s just remarkable to work with, and to be able to do scene work with her and learn from her was such a gift. She’s truly an inspiration to me.

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INTERVIEW: Jade Hassouné On Fandom and the Final Season of Shadowhunters

Defective Geeks is feeling particularly lucky with this interview, featuring actor, Jade Hassouné, who stars in Shadowhunters as Meliorn an extremely handsome and alluring fairy (aka Seelie). Jade himself is as alluring in real life– get to know him more below and find out about fandom, acting and his journey into his music,

Hi Jade, thank you for doing this interview! First of, what has it been like being a part of a show as big as Shadowhunters? What has been the best part about it? 

Hello! Thank you for featuring me! 

Well it has been a dream come true, that’s for sure. And the two best parts has been the life-long friends I’ve made on the show, with who I get to travel the world now to meet (the other best part): the fans. The fandom is something extremely special, it is rare that a TV show gets such a huge following and we are all very fortunate to have this ocean of love constantly ready to support our every move. 

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INTERVIEW: Justine Iaboni Talks From Blogger to Following Her Dreams In Music as Stellina

Justine Iaboni, known for her fashion blog in Toronto, is officially leaving the blogging world in order to pursue her dreams: to make music. We are introduced to STELLINA, an electronic artist and pianist with
high soprano vocals who will be releasing her first mixtape, STAR SEVENTEEN, which is now available on  is now available on Apple Music and also Spotify. Stellina opens up about the emotional abuse she experienced while learning music in her youth and the spiritual journey that led her back to music.

Thank you so much for talking with us, Justine! Please tell us about your creative journey, leaving your blog and returning to music as Stellina.

Thanks so much for this opportunity to share my story with your readers. I had long given up on my dream to be a singer. My blogging career was overall, on paper, super successful. But I wasn’t fully happy because I was turning my back on something that fed my soul, which was music. I told myself, “not this lifetime.”

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INTERVIEW: Robert Lieberman on Directing for TV and ‘The Expanse’

Robert Lieberman has been working as a director for television and movies for years, with shows under his belt including The X-Files, D3: The Mighty Ducks, Lost Girl and most recently, The Expanse. Lieberman has been nominated for “Best Director in a Dramatic Series” from the Directors Guild of Canada. He talks to Defective Geeks about his own experience within the industry and the evolution of television shows.

Congratulations on your nomination for “Best Director in a Dramatic Series” from the Directors Guild of Canada! Tell us more about your experience directing episodes for THE EXPANSE television series.

Thank you. It is a great honor to be nominated by my peers and recognized in this way for my work.

The Expanse is a highly sophisticated, futuristic sci-fi show that I am honored to be a part of. Based on the series of novels by S. A. Corey, they tell a suspenseful and exciting story that takes place two hundred years from now when Mars has been colonized, the asteroid belt between here and Mars is inhabited by a group of the under-classed citizens and is policed by a private, corrupt enterprise. Mars and Earth are on the precipice of war as our unlikely heroes try to track down an entity that can survive in zero atmosphere and threatens the very existence of all organic life.

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Ep. 240 The Committee with James B Emmett


Comic book artist and writer, James B Emmett, returns to the podcast to talk about his latest project, The Committee. We talk about what is it like for him to draw and write a series and of course, there is a sprinkle of nerd discussion in between too. Check out The Committee at Wayward Raven now!

Fanart Glee: Kingsman: The Secret Service



Fanart by lamialee @ tumblr

It’s been awhile since I’ve done Fanart Glee and Kingsman: The Secret Service is the perfect fandom for today’s post. This movie gave me a lot of glee. Full on fangirl-squee-glee and of course, my fellow fans do not fail me with adorable fanart. I swear these are not all Gazelle art since she’s obviously the coolest character in the movie. One thing I want to mention too is that it’s awesome to see the fandom explode for this movie. There were SO many good artwork to choose from, I could be on Tumblr and Deviantart for days.

Check out my picks below!

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