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If I Ran The Lifetime Channel

The Lifetime Channel, as you all may know, is an American television channel that is made specifically for women. According to their website it is “the source for women’s entertainment.” This channel has reality shows such as Supernanny, Dance Moms, Project Runway and the feel good show America’s Most Wanted. It has re-runs of sitcoms such as How I Met Your Mother (SUIT UP!), and Reba. These are all fun and well, but what truly defines and separates this channel from the celluloid crowd is its Lifetime Original Movies.

These movies, in general, are about women in peril. They get kidnapped, stalked, abused, conned, brutalized, and occasionally murdered after all of the above. Yes, at the end of the story they are often triumphant, at times posthumously, but regardless the constant theme of these movies is bad things happening to women. Don’t get me wrong, these can be fun movies. They’re great to watch when you’re with your girlfriends, have each had a bottle of cheap wine, and are cheering on the wronged female protagonist as she conquers the odds. I have to wonder, though, is this really what I consider to be the best entertainment for women?

Before I continue I want to make it clear that it is not my intention to bash Lifetime. I’m simply saying that if I were running it, things would be a little different. So, here it is my little friends:


1). Daily morning marathons of Xena: Warrior Princess and Battlestar Galactica. These are two shows that showcase intelligent, capable, and downright badass women. What better way to start off the day than see Xena kicking some ancient derriere, or Starbuck busting some balls? I firmly believe this is a healthy way to begin one’s daily routine.

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Geek Girl Con 2011: A Visit to the EMP Museum

I managed to squeeze in a quick museum visit at the EMP Museum – which was also hosting panels and events with Geek Girl Con, including a special panel with writer, Jane Espenson. The museum is neat, dedicated to mostly music and science fiction exhibitions at the moment. My main reason for making the effort to go was to see their Battlestar Galactica collection. It was pretty frakkin’ cool! They had life size models of the space vehicles and costumes displayed.

Seattle 2011

The exhibit both had elements from the original series and the new series most of us have come to love. I also checked out their Avatar exhibit. I’m not a big fan of the movie but it was still interesting to see the different artwork and objects used in the movie production. I love that this museum is dedicated to science fiction, horror and alternative music. It’s very unique and awesome for geeks. It was the perfect space to host Geek Girl Con events.

Check out my photos from inside the museum.

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Ep. 14 Defective Geeks, As Heard on S.I.R.

The Space Pirate Queen, Gizzy and Fortune Cookie fangirl over our commercial on S.I.R. by Kevin Smith and Jen Schwalbach. We adapt our new tagline: all news, no cocks! Fortune Cookie gives us an update on Fanime Con progress, while Gizzy talks Batman and zombies again. We finally started Fanfic Theatre with a Supernatural x Battlestar Galactica crossover. Cylons could be fallen angels, don’t judge!

Sci-Fi Clashes

Don’t get me wrong, I love Battlestar Galactica as much as the next geek, but don’t you guys notice how much the show is just a culmination of all kinds of apocalypse movies and stories that were soooooooo done before?

For example, I am currently watching Titan A.E.… anyone remember that movie? It’s animated and it’s seriously a big time favorite of mine. It’s really good, guys. Watch it if you haven’t. The story starts just like Battlestar Galactica with the whole blowing up the Earth deal.

A lot of the Drej qualities has been adopted by the Cylons too.

I just find it really interesting. Another movie that Battlestar Galactica could be compared to is Bladerunner.

I love the series, but I find is pretty un-original… but very entertaining. I’m simple. All I need is entertainment!

Reviews: TMNT & Battlestar Galactica Season 2

Double movie post!

I saw TMNT (I can’t believe the actual name of the movie is that. What’s wrong with spelling it out? Acronyms are evil. EVIL.) and I also saw The Last Mimzy.

First: TMNT
I loved it. It was great. It was everything I wanted from a Turtle movie. It made me chuckle, the voice acting was awesome, and the story was fun. I had my doubts at the beginning, but they pulled it off. My only major complaint was that some of shots pulled me out of the movie because they were just so…3D Studio Max. It just felt like I could see them fiddling with the camera in the program, and it pulled me out of the story.

Besides that, the movie was just down right fun. It didn’t take itself too seriously. And it didn’t try to be epic, which was what I had feared. I also enjoyed how it was kind of…the sequel to the other movies. It didn’t ignore what they had done in the live action ones, which just felt right.

And for you Avatar fans, spot Uncle Iroh! Or should I say, hear?

Second: The Last Mimzy
Okay…I didn’t really know what to think going into this film. I had just seen a preview for it and it looked really fun. I thought it was going to be much more connected to Alice in Wonderland. The acting was fine, the kids weren’t amazing, but they weren’t bad either. Timothy Hutton and Joely Richardson were great. There was a lot going on there, even if they didn’t cover it much. There just felt like there was something lacking. They tied up all the loose ends, they had closure and all that, but it seemed to lack something. I just can’t quite figure out what.

The story is essentially that someone from the future sends back these ‘toys’ that are found by two kids on a beach. They start learning from the toys and their brains get all advanced. They can teleport stuff, use telekinesis, that sort of thing. But when the adults start catching on, all hell breaks loose. They need to send one of the toys back to the future to save mankind, and of course the adults start getting in the way.

It’s worth a viewing, but probably best as a rental rather than full price.

Lastly: Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica
My thoughts: *SPOILERS*
I was so annoyed that Apollo’s arrow actually turned out to be an arrow. I mean, HELLO, we missed a chance of awesome symbolism if Apollo Adama had been the arrow.

I was convinced the end of the season was a dream…but I guess not! It’s a brilliant move by the writers though. I mean, they knew the rehash of a crisis every week was going to bore the audience to tears. So now we’ve got to catch up on a year of what has happened and some how rescue everyone from New Caprica.

Starbucks extensions looked horrible. But I liked Admiral Adama’s tache. It was awesome.

But the absolute HIGHLIGHT of the season was Dean Stockwell. I just sat their going “Al, it’s Al. Oh my God, it’s Al!” He’s just frakking awesome. He is by far my favourite Cylon.

***Spoiler’s End***

Battlestar Galactica

My thoughts on Battlestar Galactica, thus far.

As I’ve just started watching the series, I thought it’d be fun to kind of document my impressions and theories as I go. Just so I can look back and be all…”Well, I was totally wrong about that!”

But as far warning, I will discuss major spoilers. So from here on in:

Right. So far, I’ve really enjoyed watching it. My major fear is that the whole first season is going to be one crisis per episode. That is going to get old FAST. I’d like a peek into how the civilians are living. I know the show is all about the Galactica, but still. The entire human race just basically got decimated and now these 40,000 or so people have to make their homes on ships that probably weren’t designed to live on. How do you manage? What do you tell your kids?

Other thing: They are getting quite a few things wrong about Ancient Greek mythology. They stated that Apollo was god of the hunt, which I’m pretty certain was his sister Artemis’s job. They said that Starbuck worshipped Aphrodite and Artemis, but when they show her with the figures it’s quite obviously Artemis and Athena. It’s not difficult to get right!

But that makes me wonder, how the hell do they have Greek gods if the ‘Earth’ colony split off first. I’d like a bit more history on how all this developed. And why their legal system seems to be just like the American one. “I plead the 23rd” instead of “I plead the 5th.”

Which also makes me wonder, how do the Cylons know about Christianity? Surely that’s an Earth thing? But maybe I’m just not suspending enough disbelief.

I like the characters. I think they did a good job in casting. Commander Adama plays the powerful yet vulnerable so well. And I love the president. She is so good. Although, I think she had a lapse of judgement in not chucking the Cylon guy out the airlock just because she had a dream about him.

Which leads to: Is Adama a Cylon? And if so, which Adama? If the statement is true (which I’m betting on it not being) but if it is, I’m thinking it’s Apollo. But the only motivation I can find for a Cylon revealing that is to sew mistrust, so that makes it a false statement.

Well, those are my thoughts, impressions, and theories so far. I’m excited to find out what happens next. There aren’t enough hours in the day to catch up!