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Fanart GLEE: Sherlock


Fanart by micamaro @ Deviantart

Sorry Robert Downey, Jr. but I’m pretty sure when the young un’s think of Sherlock Holmes, they will think of Benedict Cumberbatch.

BBC’s Sherlock brought Sherlock Holmes back into pop culture in a big bad way and it’s a flat-out amazing series. Even I— someone who will never understand the passionate Cumberbatch fandom love—enjoys watching this show. It’s smart and different while paying respects to the original work.

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Ep. 123 Man of Steel Midnight Show

The Space Pirate Queen, Gizzy B and ScarlettBurn plus friends line up for the midnight show for Man of Steel. Listen to the Lady Geeks get a little silly while (once again) they line up for many hours to watch a movie. They discuss their expectations with this new Supes while truly creeping on other people in line.

Star Trek Into Darkness, Did You Watch?

Defective Geeks Into Darkness!
We ran into Julie Doll/Smileysquid!

Last night, Gizzy B and I watched Star Trek Into Darkness and we really enjoyed it! We won’t say much for now because we don’t want to spoil it for everyone out there, but feel free to let us know what you thought of the movie if you’ve seen it!

What were your favorite parts? Personally, I am not the biggest Benedict Cumberbatch fan (don’t worry, everyone else on Defective Geeks are inlove with him . . . just not me! Ha!) but what did you guys think of him in the movie? Who was your favorite character? How did this one compare to the first movie?

Zoey Zaldana rocked Uhura so hard, I thought! And the Kirk and Spock moments? Priceless.

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