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‘Full Moon Horror’ Launch Party at Meltdown Comics

Many horror fans are well aware of the work of Charles Band. He’s known for writing and directing cult classics such as Puppetmasters, Blood Dolls, The Evil Bong Trilogy, and many more. Sailor Mizz and I were lucky enough to be invited to the launch party for Full Moon Horror, a website created by Charles Band and dedicated to all things horror. Users of Full Moon Horror have free access to things such as a free movie of the week, interviews with celebrities, behind-the-scenes clips, live video feeds, and information about your favorite Full Moon horror films!

On October 21st, Sailor Mizz and I showed up at the event which was being held at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles. The event was already booming with activity, celebrities were arriving (such as Tommy Chong and Gary Busey), and excitement was in the air. You could tell how excited everybody was for this new website. In the back room, there was an open bar (HUZZAH!), but more importantly it had all of the Full Moon DVDs, merch, and just downright awesome works of art based on the movies.

We were lucky enough to get video interviews with Tommy Chong, Charles Band, David DeCoteau, and some of the lovely actors from the movies. The video interviews will be in a separate post.

It was a really awesome experience being at this event and meeting all of the people there. Being a horror fan myself, it was neat being able to discuss the genre with other like minds at the party. For Sailor Mizz, it opened her eyes to how many horror films are out there and how passionate the fans are. After talking to all of the people, she could see that horror had something to offer for everybody.

The more we found out about Full Moon Horror, the more excited we became for the website. If you’re a fan of horror, you need to check out

Pictures of the event under the cut! Check ’em out!

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