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Ep. 185 Iron Atlas


Eric Cagle (Lifeform Entertainment), Roger Walco (Lifeform Entertainment) and Jonathan Nelson (Adventureweek) joins us to talk about Iron Atlas, an app that will bridge the gap between social and virtual gaming, especially for tabletop games. Listen and find out who was behind the creation of the thigh master… Don’t forget to support their Kickstarter campaign!

Board Games Galore!

In anticipation of  International Table Top Day on Saturday, March 3oth (the same weekend as WonderCon, I know!) I am sharing one of my all-time favorite games Lords of Waterdeep! I know I’ll incidentally leave out a few key things about the game because I’d like to keep this a little simple. I’ll do my best to explain the game, tell you why I love it, and convince you to try it for yourself, or even buy it! ;)

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Ep. 68 Counting Chickens

This is a BATMAN SPOILER FREE podcast as the Lady Geeks rambled on about other things like kids dying from playing too much Diablo III or board games we played in the mid-90s. Dream Phone: The Avengers Edition, anyone? Includes a surprise visit from Pilbeam.