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Watch our LIVE Show Next Monday, January 13th!


Next Monday at 8pm PST/11pm EST, we are premiering the reboot of our live Google Hangout show! We are really excited to do this again and have come with a lot more fun and visual segments for people watching. We are kicking it off with a game we are calling Mystery Craft and we are using Bonnie Burton’s The Star Wars Craft Book — BUT! There is a TWIST! Wanna know what will happen? Just tune in!

Watch our Twitter @defectivegeeks to get the live feed or add us on Google+!

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SDCC 2011, Lady Geeks!

I was very much excited to go to our first day of Comic Con and rallied Gizzy out of bed early in order to pick up our badges and try to hit panels in the morning. We managed to get to the convention center a few minutes before 10am but it definitely was not enough time to hit any of the 10am panels we planned on. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get into’s Hobbit panel because the room was already full with a line for the panel following it — which had Felicia Day, which is why everyone was trying to get into the room.

It was a difficult year to attend panels because even the smaller ones have lines now and you have to be there at least an hour in advance for everything. Needless to say, I only managed to get into two (and a half-ishies) panel that entire day. Good grief!

SDCC 2011, Day One
Only at Comic Con can giant, plastic bags could be considered sexy.

Oh You Sexy Geek!

We settled down at the Oh You Sexy Geek! panel which we thought pertained to us as it was a discussion involving lady geeks and our “controversial” presence in the geek world. The panel was moderated by Katrina Hill aka ActionChick and the panelists included: Adrienne Curry (America’s Next Top Model), Bonnie Burton (Lucas Film), Clare Grant (Team Unicorn), Kiala Kazebee (Nerdist), Clare Kramer, Jill Pantozzi (The Nerdy Bird), Jennifer K. Stuller (Ink Stained) and Chris Gore (G4TV). Plus, Seth Green, who hi-jacked the panel for a few minutes.

The panelists touched on topics that have already been discussed by female bloggers online, including: what is the meaning of pandering? Why is it so offensive for geek girls to be sexy? Is sexy cosplay just for attention-seeking-girls or a way for girls to feel good about themselves?

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