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Geek Gal-entine’s 2015: Lady Friendship Love Returns!


This past Monday, we celebrated another Gal-entine’s Day in Los Angeles with our fellow local lady geeks. Gal-entine’s is the celebration of female friendship started by Chubby Bunny and this is her fifth year hosting the event. What started as an excuse to dress up with a small group of our friends turned into a party that women look forward to. It’s really cool to see everyone get together and celebrate the fact that we’re girls.

See more photos below!

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Yesterday, Defective Geeks Set Out to Spread Some Girl Love

Gal'entine's Day 2014

Hello! This is new Defective Geeks blogger, Michelle Nguyen, aka “Chubby Bunny,” on my first post and bringing you my first Defective Geeks collab event!

For the past 3 years, I’ve gathered together my girlfriends to celebrate a an oft-hated holiday, but spun to celebrate our friendship with each other, instead of getting all worked up about whether we had a date for the big V-Day or not. Also, I once saw that episode of Parks & Recreation where they did it , so I just stole the idea, because I’m cool like that.

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Cambridge, A Preview!

Yesterday, I arrived in England and I have now invaded Pilbeam’s lovely home in Cambridge. On the drive from Heathrow to their house, they gave me a little welcome present. Cadbury eggs! A proper English Easter chocolate treat!


On my first full day, we took a walk around town and saw more of Cambridge’s famous sights. I will have to post those photos when I get home because I can only use my phone pictures right now. I give you the view from Pilbeam’s guest room.


I am suffering a little bit from jet lag but I took a nap today after a long day of walking. I went to Pilbeam’s life drawing class and her art teacher allowed me to participate. It was pretty awesome to be in an art class in England, I must say. I was a little rusty at it but I didn’t do too poorly. Either way it was loads of fun.

More updates soon!

Crunchie QUEST!

My favorite candy bar in the whole, wide world is Cadbury’s CRUNCHIE bars. Unfortunately for me, they are hard to come by– if not impossible– here in Southern California (much less all of the United States). I basically rely on Mjade to send them to me once in awhile… but it has been awhile… Though I guess in a way it’s a good thing I don’t have constant access to the damn thing or else I’ll be 50 pounds heavier than I am now! During a little bit of downtime at work, I suddenly decided to check if anyone on eBay is selling them.

I shouldn’t have been surprised that you can buy it from eBay (from dedicated English sellers, may I add, spreading the joy of this candy bar to the world!), but I was excited nonetheless. I got even more excited when I discovered you can also order it on! INSANITY!!!

While I’m attempting to compare prices between all these sellers, another friend mentions that World Markets here in SoCal usually carries them. PLUS! A new ice cream place is selling a flavor based on its delicious honey center!

Needless to say, I am completely besides myself at the thought of possibly have ‘easy’ access to my candy lover.

Tomorrow, I am going on a hunt. Wish me luck… and let’s all hope I don’t gorge myself too much if I do end up coming home with an armful of candy bars. This can only mean bad things may happen…