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Convention Memories, Cartoons, Norman Reedus and Bonding Over Boba Fett

SDCC 2011

Believe it or not, we’re already gearing up for convention season. Wondercon is less than a couple of weeks away but we are already planning (fretting over?) San Diego Comic-con in July. No worries — we’ve got a kick ass hotel room locked down for this year and our press passes are secured so the Defective ladies will be representing yet again at the biggest west coast nerdfest of the year. I decided to go through some photos and scrounge up some memories to share with the readers today from the many cons I’ve managed to attend in the past years. Read more below for some of these random memories.

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Ep. 70 Blessed Boobs

In which the Lady Geeks explain that cosplayers are not necessarily strippers. Sometimes they can be but 99% of the time, you probably shouldn’t ask a cosplayer to be a stripper. Not going to go over well. The ladies also discuss their dream cosplays, World Cosplay Summit, hentai and real life WALL-E.

Ep. 49 Regina Carpinelli

Regina Carpinelli is our Lady Geek guest and she gives us all the exclusive announcements on Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo as presented by POW Entertainment and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. We got all the exciting news first because we have a special love connection with Regina. It’s true. Plus, we go really deep when it comes to My Little Ponies… really deep.

Lady Geek Spotlight: ‘Little Vampires’ Creator, Rebecca Hicks

I met Rebecca at Geek Girl Con 2011 in Seattle and she is so funny and talented. Rebecca created the popular web comic, Little Vampires, about little 7-inch (or less) vampires who try to be as fierce and frightening as the big vampires. Except, they are just too darn cute. Rebecca illustrates art and creates all kinds of merchandise to sell at different conventions around the country. She talks about her project and her convention experiences below in her spotlight interview. Trust me, this woman is the person to ask when it comes to sitting at a table at convention’s exhibit halls.

Art by Rebecca for

DEFECTIVEGEEKS: Tell us about your web comic ‘Little Vampires’ and what inspired the concept? Why did you start this webcomic?

REBECCA HICKS: The Little Vampires webcomic is about a group of miniature monsters that try really hard to be big and fierce but fail spectacularly at it. The focus of the comic is their misadventures, but it’s also about their friendship with Wolfie (a little wolfman), Frank (a little Frankenstein’s monster), and other little monsters, none of whom sparkle. There is no sparkling. Little monsters, big fun, no sparkling. Unless they cover themselves in glitter.

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Ep. 19 Little Girls They Make Me Feel So Bad

The Lady DefectiveGeeks talk a little about Anime Expo vs. AM2 – two rival anime conventions. They discuss the poor American guy that is currently facing criminal charges for having supposedly naughty comics in his laptop while traveling to Canada. More boy on boy talk and cats attacking. You know you like. Also, remember when Lex Luthor wasn’t a white guy in the Superman animated series?