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Team Unicorn’s “For the Win”

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Ever since G33k & G4m3r Girls made its debut on the internet (and shook things up in the community, may I add), I have been a fan of Team Unicorn. This new video was a long time waiting and guess it what? It will effin’ rock your supehero underoos off! The video is set at… Read more »

PodCRASH Star Wars VII Smackdown at iO West

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Last Saturday a Jedi council meeting took place at the iO West Theater in Hollywood. The reason for this council meeting? To discuss the inevitable new chapter in the Star Wars saga. Shall this new chapter bring hope or will it bring darkness to the franchise?┬áSeven Star Wars fans were gathered to discuss what they… Read more »

GEEK LIFE: The Shy Girl

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Many of you can probably relate to growing up shy and feeling awkward. I was a very shy and dorky child/teenager. I was quick to embrace “unique awkwardness” but my passiveness was a negative trait according to adults. I was told by teachers and adults that I needed to get over my shyness. That I… Read more »

A Game of Thrones Birthday Party

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Lady Yume Ninja of was kindly enough to invite the kingdom of Defective Geeks to her birthday celebration. The theme was Game of Thrones and for one night, all rivalry was put aside for a party of costumes, food and getting silly with all our too-busy and creative friends. I went as closet-cosplay dragon,… Read more »