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Ep. 228 Legends Podcast Crossover, the Sequel


Legends Podcast (formerly known Comic Books Legend) actually agreed to do another crossover podcast with us — suckaaahs!… So we bring you, THE SEQUEL. We talk current news, Wing’s French-y-ness and why the Lady Geeks fail at watching television. Theatre Fanfic: Arrow.

Fangirl Travel: Nocking Point’s P-Town Wine Mixer 2015


“Will Travel to Fangirl”

In 2015, this has become my new mantra. When I found out that Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen in Arrow, has a winery AND throws wine parties… I was more than a little excited. In a spur of the moment between flurries of text messages, Gizzy B and I decided that we were going to attend the Nocking Point wine mixer in Portland. It was a good excuse to travel, right? I’ve never been to Portland!

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Ep. 221 Clean, Rad, Powerful


Fortune Cookie explains the science of “sock gap” when it comes to school girl outfits in this episode’s “Fandom Word of the Day.” We also gave away a second award directed towards a Cat Gentleman and #KristenStewartOracle2017. Fanfic Theatre: Gambit x Iceman.

INTERVIEW: Austin Basis of CW’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Austin BasisFor those of you who are fans of the CW’s Beauty and the Beast you are in for a real treat. I got to talk to actor Austin Basis who plays JT Forbes on the People’s Choice Award winning show. In this interview Austin talks about some of his favorite things about playing JT, what superpowers would he and JT pick, what fans of Beauty and the Beast can look forward to this season, along with letting us know his geeky side by telling us his favorite comic book movies!

Austin was kind enough to take the time for this interview and was a lot of fun to chat with. Check it out!


First off, congratulations on the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Sci-Fi Fantasy Show.

Thank you!

What is one of your favorite things about playing JT Forbes on Beauty and the Beast?

One of my favorite things is getting to have the awesome one-liners that the writer’s write and I am lucky in that respect. Another character, Tess (played by Nina Lisandrello), also gets some zingers, but I feel like JT maybe unfairly gets a lion share of awesome one-liners that kind of stand out in the show as a word or phrase that people will remember. It’s always fun to kind of challenge myself to try and say it in as many different ways as possible, but also try to get the most funny out of the line in a way that doesn’t violate the reality or the circumstance that we’re trying to portray in the world of Beauty and the Beast.

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