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INTERVIEW: Burlesque Uni Co-Founders, Rosie Mae and Pastel Supernova

Rosie Mae and Pastel Supernova, collaborate to launch Burlesque Uni, a fitness studio designed to teach the art of burlesque dance. The school is a 10-week program for students looking to further their dance and
performance skills, but also welcomes students of all-levels. Read more about what inspired these women to start their own studio below.

Thank you so much for taking the time and answering my questions. Tell us more about Burlesque Uni and each of yourselves as dancers. What was the story behind the two of you opening up this studio? 

Rosie and Pastel: Burlesque Uni is a studio designed for dancers to explore the world of showgirls through the art of burlesque and various dance and fitness classes. The studio was opened as the city was lacking a space that not only focused on burlesque but also included extensive dance training that could lead to working showgirls. 

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INTERVIEW: Pastel Supernova, Award-Winning Burlesque Dancer, Founder of Love Letters Cabaret

As women, we all want to feel empowered through our own bodies and gender– and Pastel Supernova is using her love of dance as a way to deliver a powerful message of positivity. In 2012, Pastel founded Love Letters Cabaret after she had spent many years touring the world and performing. Check out our interview with her below and she talks about her creative projects and message to the world.

Hello, Pastel, thank you for talking with Defective Geeks! Tell us how you made your way back to Toronto in 2012 and what inspired you to start Love Letters Cabaret

Hello Defective Geeks! I had been touring for several years around the globe and throughout that time Toronto was my home base… so when I was done, I just went home and started reconnecting and collaborating with dope artists in my city. At the time I was deeply in love with a dude and my favorite thing to do for him was gift him with various creative works. My first show, which was supposed to be a one-off, was a series of physical love letters of sorts. I kept him in mind choreographing different pieces and the more I created the more dancers wanted to be a part of it. The show went well and the audience, the cast and I wanted to continue the experience so Love Letters Cabaret was born.

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FEMM Brings Mannequins to Life with Music at Club Rage

On August 7th, Japanese pop performance band FEMM (short for “Far East Mention Mannequins”) made their Los Angeles debut at Club Rage in West Hollywood courtesy of GAMeBoi and Tune in Tokyo , providing fans with a unique take on high concept pop music.

Their official website states that the two latex-clad mannequins-turned pop stars, RiRi and LuLa, are here to stand up for mannequins’ rights, and recruit their fans to join the FEMM Agency Syndicate, a fictional organization that helps free mannequins from their hum drum lives.

Their stop-motion-esque  choreography, created by the Hidali group, translated amazingly from their high production music videos to the live stage. You can check out highlights from their set here, courtesy of Super Attacku, as well as some snaps we got of the crowd!

More photos of the event after the jump!

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