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SDCC 2010 / David Mack

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The one artist I always have to go and visit at Comic-con is the one and only, David Mack! I missed him the first day I was at the convention. He said he was out getting a snack and I happened to drop by the one time he left his table. Fortunately, I literally  ran… Read more »

West Hollywood Book Fair

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Yesterday, a friend and I went to the West Hollywood Book Fair– which I found out about mostly because David Mack was there for a panel. The fair was a little disappointing. The variety of books for sale was lacking– at least, I didn’t see anything besides New Age and sex books. Which are fine…… Read more »

Comic-Con 2007 – Initial Report

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San Diego Comic-Con 2007, much like it’s previous years, was huge with too many people nerding all over the place. This year, I was a half a regular attendee, and then I had one foot in the “professional” side of things. I was with my good friend, Christy Lijewski (creator of Next Exit and RE:Play),… Read more »

San Diego Comic Con

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Can you smell the newness? CAN YOU? I swear, we really are trying to revive this website. There’s so much to report on, so much to talk about! Yes, we did attend the wonderful and geek-morous San Diego International Comic Con. We had fun, of course. As usual, I spent my time in the dealer’s… Read more »