Ep. 6 Jelly Beans, Wonder Woman and Jeff Goldblum

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Our Lady DefectiveGeekers uses the word ‘Vagoogoo’ way too many times, discusses Wonder Woman’s bad make up job and Giselle’s undying love for Jeff Goldblum. Apologies in advance for the torturous conversation about smuggling jelly beans in vaginas… but maybe you kinda, sorta want it…?

Why won’t you love me?

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This post has been triggered by Neil Gaiman’s recent blog entry, in which he used the subject title: “I’m Sweet and I’m Cuddly, I’m Gonna Kill Scully!” I promptly twitted about this and wondered if anyone could guess the origin of those lyrics. I felt like such a nerd when I received no twit back… Read more »

Switch over a success!

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I’ve finally buckled down and forced myself to learn how to integrate and customize this blog through wordpress… and so far, it has been a worth it transition despite the few headaches and bumps I encountered these past couple of nights. Now, I don’t have to rely on blogger and everything is comfortably nestled here… Read more »

Economic Crisis

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I think this place should be voted for the most neglected blog in all of interweb history. Lately, I can’t peel my eyes off,, and many other selling communities I follow. It seems everybody is trying to make a little extra cash by selling everything they own, if you know what I mean…. Read more »

It's almost coming to an end.

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No one reads this blog, but we like to pretend people actually do! I get pure enjoyment out of it, despite the fact that the only other person writing is the website co-owner, Mjade. Isn’t she fabulous though? I enjoy her entries way too much– especially the last one about The Golden Compass. It reminds… Read more »