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Nerd HQ, Year One

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A few weeks before San Diego Comic Con, I started to notice more and more people using the hashtag ‘#NerdHQ’– a mystery event. After investigating, I traced it back to The Nerd Machine, a site founded by Chuck’s Zachary Levi. Naturally, I was giddily curious. A NERD headquarter?! I was picturing a giant tree house… Read more »

San Diego Comic Com 2009 – Report Part 2

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Fortunately for me, two panels I wanted to see were consecutive in the same room. My friend, Giselle, and I enjoyed the Coraline panel with Neil Gaiman, who I was delighted to see in person. The FlashForward panel was right after, which we wanted to stick around for just to see John Cho in person…. Read more »

San Diego Celebrity-Con— I mean, Comic Con!

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I present to everyone a rant about SDCC before I start posting my happy report and photos… San Diego Comic Con has turned into a marathon of how many celebrities can be spotted– kind of sad. Especially when you see the separation in the Exhibit Hall; the “movie side” is always hella crowded and the… Read more »