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Last year, Marie Lu’s first young adult novel, LEGEND, blew us all away and in January 2013, the second installment in Day and June’s dystopian adventure is coming: PRODIGY. The cover of the new book was revealed a couple of weeks ago as well as an excerpt from the first chapter, which you can read… Read more »

Tatsuyuki Tanaka’s ‘LEGEND’ Illustration

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The LEGEND Facebook fanpage just dropped this image about a minute ago and I immediately got over-excited. How cool and amazing is that? This is the cover of the book, Legend by Marie Lu, in Japan which is illustrated by Tatsuyuki Tanaka (Akira, Bubblegum Crisis). I love how Tanaka incorporates his cyberpunk style to the… Read more »

Ep. 39 Rescue All the Cats

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The Lady Defective Geeks discuss young adult books and the dystopian genre. They discuss several books like ‘Legend’, ‘Hunger Games’, ‘1984’ and ‘The Giver.’ We also try to figure out what we would do if we were thrown into a Battle Royale type situation. Basically, we would all probably die quick deaths and Sailor Mizz… Read more »

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Frail’ by Joan Frances Turner

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Frail is Book 2 of Joan Frances Turner‘s The Resurgam Trilogy. In Frail, we follow Amy’s story in a post-apocalyptic world, devastated by a plague. In the beginning, there were zombies. Then the disease came that made everyone hungry. No matter what they ate– food, objects, their own children, etc.– their hunger were unsatisfied. It… Read more »