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Fanart GLEE: Jessica Jones

1a3e8e2a3bf4bd2b1e96a997bf49b452fanart by rafatoro @ tumblr

Most of you, like me, is in the midst of a Jessica Jones binge watch on Netflix. I personally love this series because it really speaks to me. Sloppy, badass female anti-superhero character for the win! Also, David Tennant as a villain is life. Check out these great fanart I yanked from Tumblr this week… there is a LOT of purple.

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Fanart GLEE: Daryl Dixon



fanart by seimpako @ deviantart

The truth is, I haven’t seen a more dedicated fandom than the one for Daryl Dixon. You know, that guy from The Walking Dead television series that all fangirls and fanboys are a little nutty over.  I recently just finished a marathon of season 5 of the show and got quite a healthy Norman Reedus dosage while watching the episodes back to back. Which is why this week’s Fanart GLEE is dedicated to Daryl, the most beloved zombie-killer across the nation.

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Fanart GLEE: Xena, Warrior Princess


fanart by thedoberman @

There has been on and off rumors lately of a Xena reboot. I am pretty sure it’s closer to being “official” now but you never know about these things. Either way, it doesn’t take away from how much this series affected me when I was growing up. It was a beautiful thing to see this gorgeous, badass warrior on television — plus, having the show revolve around her friendship with another woman, Gabrielle. Although I full support the Xena x Gabrielle pairing, it is also refreshing to be able to look back and pinpoint a show that explores the relationship between two women in a setting that doesn’t involve the usual “silly, girls” scenarios.

I can go on and on about this show, but we’re here to look at pretty fanart. I present to you, this week’s Fanart GLEE!

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Fanart GLEE: Agent Carter


Fanart by noisy mouse @ tumblr

Hayley Attwell recently won the title of Queen of Dubmash on the Land of Internet. If you haven’t been paying attention, the cast members of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Agent Carter had declared war on each other via the app Dubmash during San Diego Comic-Con 2015. It was delightful and adorable for all of us fans. This article documented the entire battle. Here’s the final conclusion on how Peggy Carter won. In lieu of this most amazing competition, I decided to dedicated this week’s Fanart GLEE to Agent Carter herself. Check out all the amazing artwork below the jump!

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Fanart GLEE: Supernatural


Fanart by yesi-v224 on deviantart (account deactivated x_x)

Currently, my brain is filled with nothing but San Diego Comic-con planning and I failed to brainstorm for this edition of Fanart GLEE — yes, people, I do think about my blog posts usually. I decided to fall on a default fandom. My love that is Supernatural. It seems like an easy road, but let me tell you. . . the Supernatural fandom is robust and it’s huge. Narrowing down artwork from Tumblr is hard. Supernatural fans are so freaking talented, that I can’t even…

I survived the long search though. Check out these great works of art!

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Fanart GLEE: Harley Quinn x Poison Ivy


Fanart by puddingdrop @ tumblr


DC Comics’ Twitter account officially confirmed what we knew all along… that Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have a very special relationship with each other. So in honor of it becoming “official”, I decided to scour the internet (aka, Tumblr again) for some adorable Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy artwork. Adorable also means sexy. I think even Batman would need a moment if he saw these. Check them out!

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