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Fanart GLEE: Welcome to Night Vale


Fanart by kinomatika @ Tumblr

Welcome to Night Vale took the podcast medium to a new level. A brilliant level. A creepy but fun level. I’ve only recently became a fan of this series and caught up with all the episodes in a matter of a couple of months (I do a lot of driving…). I love Cecil and the people of Night Vale, their stories and their struggles. Despite being an audio show, the Night Vale fandom is very creative and although I am not sure how the canon of how Cecil and crew look like was establish… it’s neat nonetheless! Which is why I dedicate this Fanart GLEE to you, citizens of Night Vale.

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Fanart GLEE: Marvel’s Hawkeye


Fanart by AndyFairhurst @ deviantart

I hold a very special place in my heart for Hawkeye. I know everyone else loves them some of that Iron Man or Captain America or Thor, but to me, Hawkeye is my favorite Avenger from the movie. I also really enjoy the comic book series by writer Matt Fraction and artist, David Aja. Which means this edition of Fanart GLEE will also play homage to not only to Clint Barton but to the amazing and sassy Kate Bishop as well.

Actually, I’ll be totally honest — most of these are of Kate Bishop. She’s cool.

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Awesome Fanfic Monday: Batman Style

Hello and welcome to the premiere post of our new regular segment, Awesome Fanfic Monday!

Twice a month we will feature one of our favorite pieces of fan fiction and talk about what makes it so special. One of the reasons why I wanted to start this segment is because fan fiction can be an easy source for giggles. I mean, haven’t we all read the infamous My Immortal and laughed until we cried? Sometimes though I think people get so caught up in the endearingly hilarious stories like My Immortal that they forget there are some pretty righteous pieces of writing out there that deserve some credit.

And what could be more ceremonious than starting off a segment with none other than fan fiction from Batman? I mean, come on. It’s Batman. 


For our very first Awesome Fanfic Monday I would like to feature one of my favorite pieces, Never Walk Away by Stoneage Woman. 

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One Last Time, The One Last Party

One Last Party 2015

“All’s well that ends better.” hosted the last Oscar party for fans of the Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit movies this past weekend at the American Legion in Hollywood.  Traditionally, the fan parties took place during Oscar night so we can all gather and watch the award show together. This year, the party took place the night before the show on Saturday and I think it is because The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies didn’t get nominated for any categories this year. Boo-urns, Academy Awards!

Either way, it didn’t stop the fans from gathering to appreciate our fandom for one night together in fancy dresses and dwarf gear.

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Ep. 221 Clean, Rad, Powerful


Fortune Cookie explains the science of “sock gap” when it comes to school girl outfits in this episode’s “Fandom Word of the Day.” We also gave away a second award directed towards a Cat Gentleman and #KristenStewartOracle2017. Fanfic Theatre: Gambit x Iceman.

Legends of the Knight, Not Your Typical Superhero Flick


How do we triumph over travesty?

On the Fatman on Batman podcast, Kevin Smith recites a prayer — “Our Batman, who art in Gotham…” To many fans, Batman has become almost a deity — a symbol of strength, a role model and a representation of what is good. Legend of the Knight features people, who are not just fans but also embody what Batman means to them.

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