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One Dragon, One Party 2014

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Compared to last year’s extravagant event, this year’s Oscar party hosted by was a much more casual and low key event. That didn’t stop us from putting on our wannabe-red-carpet outfits and braving the traffic in Los Angeles! Apparently, all the streets are closed when the celebrities are strutting their way down the red… Read more »

GEEK LIFE: Vampire Diaries and My Apology

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I used to believe I was a sensible person (who some times did nonsensical things). I scoffed at other women who thought having a vampire boyfriend would actually be a good idea. I rolled my eyes at the “sexy”-fying of vampires. I believed they should be left alone to be evil, bloodsucking monsters. I didn’t… Read more »

Ep. 53 Aliens and Turtles

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Our Lady Geeks discuss the upcoming ‘Ninja Turtles’ movie, produced by Michael Bay, and tries to imagine how epic and explode-y it’s going to get. Alien turtles, anyone? This episode is also full of old lady creepiness. Fanfic Theater: Doctor Who and Godzilla.