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DIY Geek Shoes, I Want To Make ‘Em

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These geeky DIY (Do-It-Yourself) shoes started showing up on my Pinterest page and I thought they were pretty rad. I would love to make some myself but I know I’m too much of a lazy  bastard to even get around to it. Still, I decided to use the power of Google search and comply a… Read more »

Rune Boutique at Royal-T, Opening Night

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On December 9th, Rune Boutique made its opening night debut at Royal-T Café in Culver City, California. My friends at Bubble Punch asked me to work the event as a roaming photographer. It was hard work trying to get all the photos that they needed but I had a lot of fun. The Rune Boutique… Read more »

THE FUTURE: Nike Air Mag

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If you follow me on twitter or facebook and was awake at around midnight last night, you probably witnessed me freak out over this Gizmodo article: Is Nike Finally Releasing the Shoes Marty McFly Wore in Back to the Future? I am floored. Thrilled. THRILLED. I was so excited that I was on the verge… Read more »

Perfectasy: Cowboys and Rainbows

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Thursday, August 18, 2011– Onch Movement had its second Perfectasy party at Royal-T Cafe: Cowboys and Rainbows. Yes, there were cowboys and there were rainbows to behold. The night was full of fashionable people as Petro Zilla rolled in her with her unique clothing line. I’m digging the whole prairie/cowboy style. Definitely a high-fashion night  but… Read more »

Bunnies & Bows, follow up photos and video

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Gizzy, Taglebot, and me! Photo by That Black Nerd Check out the Bunnies and Bows Opening Video over at I Am Chubby Bunny’s blog. The video includes interviews with some of the artists and glimpses of me standing around looking like a dork! Here are photos from