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Ep. 213 Hot Men Vs. Food

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The Lady Geeks play a game of “Would You Rather”… category is hot men vs. food. You’d be surprise (or maybe not) by the results. Fanfic Theatre: MY IMMORTAL SEQUEL OMG!

Ep. 172 Tea Bags

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The Lady Geeks record on April Fool’s Day and they took it to a slightly science-food-nerd direction on how our tastebuds can be easily fooled. Also, thoughts on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles plus Michael Bay. Fanfic Theatre: Lord of the Rings (???)

Ep. 149 Pumpkincast

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In honor of our first ever Thanksgiving podcast, the Space Pirate Queen and Gizzy B got together and stuffed their faces with a bunch of pumpkin flavored food. Join us on this magical, pumpkin journey while we discuss The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and the craziness of Black Friday. Also, we mix pumpkin syrup with… Read more »

When the Lady Geeks Took Over Paris

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If you couldn’t tell from our past few podcast episodes, they allowed us — the Space Pirate Queen, Gizzy B and Pilbeam —¬† to roam free around Paris, France for a few days. Just thought I’d share some of our photos in the city with you guys from the trip. It’s rare that all three… Read more »