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LA Weekly’s Gold Standard: Hardcore Foodie Fun


The Gold Standard has been an annual event thrown together by the LA Weekly Magazine for the past four years. Since LA Weekly is my place of employment, I get to enjoy a complimentary admission and gorge on free food for a few hours. I’ve only gone twice. The first year of the event and then this year. This is an event for the purely hardcore foodies – it was a hot day and the place was extremely crowded.

We had to park three blocks away since the event parking was closed off when we got there (what the heck, guys). I do consider myself somewhat of a “foodie” but I would never actually pay the full price to attend the Gold Standard.

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The ABC Network Press Tour

On August 8th-9th I got the honor help out at the Summer ABC Press Tour. As a Page I escorted talent, steamed clothes and led actors to the media panels and interviews. While participating in coffee like errands I got first hand info on all the new ABC shows coming this fall. You should be excited because some of them sound pretty fun.

 My morning started out escorting Christina Ricci to the green room to get ready for the panel. Maybe it was the conversation about shoes or the fact that she is really cool but it got me pumped to watch her star in a new drama series called Pan Am. Directed by Thomas Schlamme from the West Wing, Pan Am is a period piece that takes place in the 1960s centered on one of America’s first airline companies. It portrays the glamorous and dramatic lifestyles of the pilots, flight attendants, and the guests of the plane.

One of the questions asked was if ABC was trying to complete with Mad Men. Schlamme responded that this show was trying to appeal to women as the story centers mainly around the flight attendants. Mad Men takes a very chauvinistic approach and all he is trying to show is that the lifestyle of air travel was a privileged one. There wasn’t much freedom for woman of the 1960s. Flying was a way to escape, to see the world and be in charge of their own lives. Kelli Garner who plays Kate in the show went on to say that many people don’t realize what pressure there was to be a flight attendant during the 1960s; not only did you have to be beautiful, but also well educated. Garner made a comment about how her past experience as a stewardess helped her with the reality of the role. Ricci added to Garner’s response by stating that in her own performance she tries to remember that flying is new and exciting and she shares that experience with the actors that play the guests on the show. Pan Am is scheduled to air September 25th 10/9c on ABC, so keep a look out.

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