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EightyTwo in Little Tokyo

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Old school arcades are a rare find these days (Dave and Busters does not count) which is why it was a big deal in the Southern California geek world when EightyTwo announced that they were opening a barcade. On their opening weekend, I was invited to a birthday party of a friend’s friend. Normally, I… Read more »

Watch our LIVE Show Next Monday, January 27th!

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We are doing a second LIVE Google Hangout show next Monday, January 27th at 8pm PST/11pm PST. This time, we are doing a visual Fanfic Theatre with dramatic readings and perhaps some costumes and props. You’ll have to tune in to see! Make sure to watch our Twitter feed @defectivegeeks to get the live feed… Read more »

Fanart Glee: Tauriel and Kili

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Hobbit Denial Pyramid by skart2005 on deviantART Now, I know this is a controversial topic and most of all, a very controversial pairing (though most people seem to accept the Gimli and Legolas shipping a lot more) but I loved Tauriel in The Hobbit and I loved that Kili had a huge crush on her…. Read more »