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Geek Girl Con 2011: Women Running Geeky Businesses

The ‘Women Running Geeky Businesses’ panel was literally the last thing I did at the convention. Unfortunately, I had to book it out of the con before 3pm and catch my flight back to L.A. I wanted to check out this panel to pick up some tips from women who knew what they were doing, personal business-wise. The women on the panel were Megan Gaiser (Her Interactive), Jenn Fujikawa (JustJENNDesign), Stephanie Ogle (Cinema Books), Chrystal Doucette (Digital Soaps), Jo Jo Stiletto (Jo Jo Stiletto Events) and Erica McGillivray (Geek Girl Con’s CEO) as moderator.

Geek Girl Con 2011

I am not a business-minded woman. I’m kind of all over the place and it’s a little bit of a miracle I’ve managed to actually get Defective Geeks up and running for as long as it has (almost five years!). Of course, with the help of my close friends, things have picked up around here. Still, if you ask me if I’ll ever figure out a way to monetize Defective Geeks, I will probably slowly sink to the floor.

I admire anyone who are smart enough to be able to turn their own passion and interests into a self-sustaining career… but it’s just that much more cool to have these geek girls talk about their own success. It was also a unique panel where the audience heard different success stories from women of all ages and very different career and life choices.

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Geek Girl Con 2011: Arts & Crafts with the GeekGirlCon Design Team

On Sunday – this was a cute arts and crafts panel hosted by Tammy Vince Cruz and Rachelle Abellar from the Geek Girl Con’s design team. Not only were these two ladies busy churning out all the design collateral for the convention; they also organized a successful, interactive panel that encouraged attendees to drop by and make sock puppets.

But not just any sock puppets. Sock puppets inspired by Jim Henson’s Labyrinth.

Geek Girl Con 2011

I arrived a little late into the panel due to the walk from the main convention center to the EMP Museum. The room was jam packed with people busy super-gluing feathers and rhinestones onto their puppets. It was great to see everyone in deep concentration over their own sock puppets. It was definitely a full panel and a lot of fun for all ages– a great way to mix the nerdy adults with nerdy children.

The panel felt like it ended a little too soon. Maybe next time they will be allotted more time because, seriously, you can’t rush art. Everyone seemed to have had fun regardless and they all smiled as they held up their puppets proudly.

I didn’t try and butt in to make my own puppet (every seat was taken by the time I got there) but I did take a lot of photos of everyone while they worked.

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Geek Girl Con 2011: A Visit to the EMP Museum

I managed to squeeze in a quick museum visit at the EMP Museum – which was also hosting panels and events with Geek Girl Con, including a special panel with writer, Jane Espenson. The museum is neat, dedicated to mostly music and science fiction exhibitions at the moment. My main reason for making the effort to go was to see their Battlestar Galactica collection. It was pretty frakkin’ cool! They had life size models of the space vehicles and costumes displayed.

Seattle 2011

The exhibit both had elements from the original series and the new series most of us have come to love. I also checked out their Avatar exhibit. I’m not a big fan of the movie but it was still interesting to see the different artwork and objects used in the movie production. I love that this museum is dedicated to science fiction, horror and alternative music. It’s very unique and awesome for geeks. It was the perfect space to host Geek Girl Con events.

Check out my photos from inside the museum.

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Geek Girl Con 2011: Feminism, Race & Geek Culture Panel

On Saturday, I attended the “Feminism, Race & Geek Culture” at Geek Girl Con 2011. The Panelists were Nina V. Reyes, Christina Xu (Breadpig), Michele Hu and Regina Buenaobra (ArenaNet) as the moderator.

Geek Girl Con 2011

I am glad I went to this panel. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was rewarded with a great discussion with well-spoken women. They touched on quite a few interesting points about female and Asian culture in geek media. What I really appreciated about the way these women approached sensitive issues without having to be defensive or threatening to other people. They even gave great advice on how to deal with negative internet interactions. Despite having less than one hour to talk, I believe Reyes, Xu and Hu got a lot of great points across the table.

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Geek Girl Con 2011: Not Just for Girls

Geek Girl Con 2011When Geek Girl Con was first announced over the online geek community, the reactions were quite mixed. Of course, “the haters” were very much present and vocalized their distaste for a convention claiming to be a “geek girls only” club. Not quite sure why people are so allergic with the wold “girl” or “girls” but it was interesting to see the whole situation play out.

The convention’s vice president, Tammy Vince Cruz, connected with me via twitter about a year ago and we began chatting. She kept hinting that I needed to come out for the convention until I eventually broke down and purchased a flight to Seattle. I personally dug the idea, obviously. I love their mission statement: to raise awareness of how women are involved in every aspect of geek culture, whether it be Star Wars, comic books or science and math.

Geek Girl Con was one of the best conventions I’ve attended in a long time. I will write more  about this convention with better photos but for now, here’s my Geek Girl Con highlights as told by photos from my phone.

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