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Ep. 154 Jasmin and Wesley


Wesley Marshall and Jasmin Turner Evans joins us for our first guest podcast in 2014! Wesley and Jasmin are both voice actors in the making and they are currently taking classes to pursue a career in voice acting in animation. They talk about the VA community today and what it takes to step into the industry. Also, silly voices included.

Ep. 107 Matthew Tibbenham and Sutton McKee


We spoke with the creators of The Wrong Guys for the Job, writers, producers and directors, Matthew Tibbenham and Sutton McKee. This web series is not only hilarious but its a “choose your own adventure” type series where the viewer can choose how they want each episode to end. Matthew and Sutton sits down with us to talk about moving to LA to pursue film making and what it takes to produce a very ambitious web show.

Ep. 106 Leah Cevoli


This weekend at Wondercon, actress and all around lady-of-all-trades, Leah Cevoli is moderating a panel called All Shapes and Sizes Welcome, discussing the female body image and women’s issues in the industry. The Lady Geeks also open up about their own personal experiences from struggling with weight gain to skinny-shaming to finding self-love. We also get into discussions about cats (again), our dream bubble-baths, Jesus and talking cheeseburgers. If you’ll be at Wondercon, we hope to see you at Leah’s panel on Saturday!

Ep. 101 jonny Lupsha


This week’s guest is a well-spoken author jonny Lupsha, who has written books such as the Penny Cavalier. He also publishes The Broken Paragon, which is a quarterly collection of essays about the culture of video games. We discuss writing, the intellectual thoughts behind gaming and the ups and downs of self-publishing. There are tons of things to learn and this episode will appeal to even non-gamers.

Ep. 97 Amira de Vera


Our guest, Amira de Vera, is a publicist, a PR personality, a daywalker and also the Space Pirate Queen’s cousin! She discusses her work as a publicist, how she helps all kinds of entertainers and the future of PR with new media and web. She also talks about how people should approach them for interviews with their clients for websites and pdocasts. Also, Billy Boyd stories as SPQ outs her for being a Hobbit fangirl.

Ep. 92 Megan Finley

Megan Finley Vs. Vader

It’s a guest podcast with our first guest of the year, Megan Finley! Megan is the Associate Publisher at Offbeat Empire and the Managing Editor at Offbeat Bride. She is a Star Wars fanboy living in Los Angeles, drinking wine and blogging more than you… and sometimes she does it while in Hawaii.

Also check out Megan’s husband’s band Big Dick.