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Ep. 187 Muzzled the Musical

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This is a very different episode! The first part of the show is a guest-filled with Matthew Mercer and Jason Charles Miller of Muzzled the Musical. This is a fun web series that will have Kevin Sorbo SINGING! Support it! The last half is SPQ and Gizzy B babbling incoherently as per usual.

Ep. 154 Jasmin and Wesley

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Wesley Marshall and Jasmin Turner Evans joins us for our first guest podcast in 2014! Wesley and Jasmin are both voice actors in the making and they are currently taking classes to pursue a career in voice acting in animation. They talk about the VA community today and what it takes to step into the… Read more »

Ep. 99 Mike Wellman

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Mike Wellman, comic book writer, film writer and co-owner of our favorite store, The Comic Bug, at Manhattan Beach sits down with us in this week’s guest episode. We talk about his work in the comic/manga industry (which includes writing for Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica), his plans for his writing and what it’s like… Read more »

Ep. 92 Megan Finley

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It’s a guest podcast with our first guest of the year, Megan Finley! Megan is the Associate Publisher at Offbeat Empire and the Managing Editor at Offbeat Bride. She is a Star Wars fanboy living in Los Angeles, drinking wine and blogging more than you… and sometimes she does it while in Hawaii. Also check… Read more »

My Fandom and Long Beach Collide by Stephanie Pacheco

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It’s no secret I’m addicted, possibly in love, with watching TV shows on my fancy DVR at home in between procrastinating on my wedding planning. More recently I’ve become infatuated with spotting places filmed in my current home town of Long Beach, CA on Showtime’s Dexter and HBO’s True Blood.  I grew up in Los Angeles and watched film crews… Read more »