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Ep. 215 Big Dinosaur Ate the Little Dinosaur


This is a jam packed episode as the Lady Geeks fangirl over the new Star Wars Episode VII teaser trailer, the Jurassic World teaser trailer, and the official cast announcement for the Suicide Squad movie. SPQ has lots of Late Movie Reviews and Fanfic Theatre is back!

Childhood Life Ruiners: Wicked Phoenix Edition PART ONE

So what does a Geek Girl look for in a man exactly?

Wicked Phoenix reflects on the characters who have impacted her taste in men and how it may not be such a good thing.

Han Solo & Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford was pretty much the one who started it all, wasn’t he?

Yes him. More often than not we’ll pick Han over Luke.

WARNING: This post contains a large amount of images and gifs.

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Ep. 43 A New Year with Harrison Ford

A new year, another year for the Lady Geeks to babble and giggle like the awkward nerds we are. This podcast presents to you the future of food printing and the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar. Which is why we decided to answer the age-old question: Indiana Jones or Han Solo? Fanfic Theatre: Yoda and tequila.