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Awesome Fanfic Monday: Adorable Ghostly Snape

Welcome to Awesome Fanfic Monday!

Like many my heart broke when I heard the news of Alan Rickman’s passing. I thought of all the wonderful characters he played and how they had affected me growing up. Naturally one of the main ones that came to mind was Professor Snape. What a wonderful and complex character he was and what a perfect actor to portray him. I thought for this week’s Awesome Fanfic Monday I would dedicate it to everyone’s favorite misunderstood professor from Hogwarts.

This week’s Awesome Fanfic Monday goes to “The Wendell That Wasn’t” by opalish of 

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Ep. 275 All White, All White!


The Lady Geeks talk about the “controversy” surrounding the casting choices around Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, white dudes being weird and also, so many white people in the Oscar’s. Plus, we’ll miss you, Alan Rickman. Fanfic Theatre: Harry Potter.

Fanart GLEE: Professor Severus Snape


Artist Unknown

Today, we lost one of the greatest actor that has ever lived and judging from all the outpouring dedication from his friends and family, he was also one of the greatest human. Alan Rickman, known as Professor Snape in the geek community, passed on and left us all with a lot of sadness. This week’s Fanart GLEE is dedicated to Severus Snape. You’ve made a believer in all of us that a severe man can sacrifice everything for love.


Thank you for bringing Professor Snape to life. Thank you for all the movies.

It was magical.

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Ep. 273 Alchimique’s Tears of (Spider) Joy


Last podcast of the year! The Space Pirate Queen and Gizzy B give Alchimique the greatest gift of all: the gift of an orb of spider love! Listen to the Lady Geeks discuss their excitement over the Independence Day Resurgence trailer along with a cool fan theory over the fate of Hedwig from Harry Potter. Fanfic Theatre: Star Wars