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Ep. 58 Halloween: H20

Holy hiatus, Spiderman! The podcast is back with three more episodes. Recorded pre-covid (hey, remember those times?) James and Giselle discuss the 1998 slasher-fest “Halloween: H20.” The two compare and contrast the 1998 return of Laurie Strode to the 2018 one, how chardonnay drinking axe wielding Laurie is… kind of amazing, and how adorably 90s this sequel is. Check it out!

Ep. 48 Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things

Welcome back, everyone! This week the hosts discuss a horror movie neither of them had seen before *gasp*. That movie is the 1972 cult classic “Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things” directed by Bob Clark. Yes, the same Bob Clark that directed “A Christmas Story.” Crazy, right? In this episode James and Giselle break down the movie; Giselle admits that for the first thirty minutes she thought the protagonists were carnies (they’re theater actors), and James is fascinated by the hyper intelligent zombies that specialize in yachting.

Ep. 47 Carnival of Souls

Time to go back to another horror classic! Don’t worry, horror fans, you have not been forgotten ;) This week the hosts talk about the 1962 horror cult classic “Carnival of Souls.” James and Giselle discuss why they believe this movie has stood the test of time and become influential in the horror genre along with going through the movie and dissecting what it is about it that makes it just so damn good! Check it out!

INTERVIEW: Actor, Veronika Slowikowska, Stars in ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ TV Series

Veronika Slowikoska began acting at a young age, trained in improv with Second City Conservatory, and has been seen in Degrassi: Next Class and See No Evil. You can soon watch her in What We Do in the Shadows is one of the most anticipated comedy-horror series which premieres March 27th on FX. Find out more below!

I have to say, I am excited to watch the What We Do In The Shadows television series! Tell us about your character Shanice, and what kind of role will she be playing along the vampire shenanigans.

Shanice is an insecure, sassy, LARPer (Live Action Roleplayer). She’s the nerd-ier side, but so am I! 

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Ep. 35 Child’s Play

It was only a matter of time before the hosts talked about everyone’s favorite homicidal ginger haired doll. Nope, not Annabelle, Chucky! Yes, this week James and Giselle dive into “Child’s Play” and talk about how Chucky stands out in the horror pantheon, how it’s aged, and ask why is it that single moms in horror movies are always dropping the ball. Seriously, why is that a thing. 

Ep. 31 The Grudge



Two things that James and Giselle love: Horror and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Naturally it was only a matter of time before they talked about… “The Grudge!” Yes, this week the hosts talk about the 2004 American remake of J-horror classic “Ju-on”, their impressions of the movie then versus now, how the movie has aged, and what makes J-horror unique from other facets of the genre. Oh, and they both do their death rattle impersonation, so fair warning :O


Ep. 29 Elvira, Mistress of the Dark!



No matter the time of year it’s always a good time for Elvira! That’s right, this week the hosts talk about “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.” James and Giselle discuss what it is about Elvira that makes her so iconic, along with talking about all things fun, ridiculous, and campy about the movie. Unpleasant dreams ;)


Ep. 28 Welcome BACK to Fright Night!



Welcome back to Fright Night… for real. That’s right, this week the hosts talk about the 2011 remake of ‘Fright Night’ written by Marti Noxon! Yeah! James and Giselle discuss the different ways the story has been modernized for contemporary audiences, how that changed various elements including characters and tone, how it has a dash of commentary, and they compare the different strengths between the 1985 original and the 2011 remake. Oh, and they are pretty sure that this movie is actually an episode of Doctor Who.