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Bedtime For Batman


Hey, geek parents, here is a book for you! Bedtime For Batman is a sweet, illustrated story written by award-winning author, Michael Dahl and illustrated by Ethen Beavers.

The story features a boy who has his own mini-adventure as he gets ready for bedtime. He puts on his cape, brushes his teeth and snuggles under the blanket. On the next page, we see Bruce Wayne also preparing for his night… a night of crime fighting, of course.

I love that this book uses the Batman: The Animated Series art style as well. It is a delightful story to read your the little Batmans in your life!

Now when will we get Bedtime for Batgirl?

The book is available on for $15.95.

ART: Frak Off

I wanted to put my art on a flyer for the website because I needed motivation and inspiration to draw a new illustration. It has been quite while. I get so busy these days that it’s been hard to sit down and get inspired with just a pencil and drawing paper. This was done within a few hours and colored with Prismacolor colored pencils. My two concept were the Lady Geek ‘sunglasses’ and a shirt that says Frak Off – which was inspired from an episode of Chuck.

You can get this flyer on Free Comic Book Day on May 5th at The Comic Bug.

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Book: I’ll Be Dead By The Time You Read This: The Existensial Life of Animals

“It struck me as quintessentially human but also a bit absurd that we regularly torture ourselves with thoughts that seem to be at odds with our very own well-being. After all, if evolution is supposed to improve the species and make it more adaptable, then why aren’t we all perpetually happy and well-adjusted?”
Romeo Alaeff, Artist’s Note

From a moose declaring that he drinks too much to a cockroach spewing sad, romantic lines like “Without you I am nothing”, Alaeff puts together a nicely illustrated, coffee table book filled with simple black and white drawings of animals and a collection of lines that you’ve heard yourself or other people say out loud.

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