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Awesome Fanfic Monday: Arthur and Eames Bromance

Welcome to another edition of Awesome Fanfic Monday. This time I picked a story about one of my favorite on screen bromances; Arthur and Eames from Inception

One of the many things that I enjoyed about that movie was the bickering between those two characters. I would happily watch a sequel if it were just Arthur and Eames stuck in an elevator with Arthur having a panic attack and Eames pushing every one of his buttons (hey, may should write that fanfic…).  The fanfic for this week is called Facebook by pretend-to-care.

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Nerd Observation: ‘Abduction’ Poster

Regardless as to how you may feel about the upcoming movie Abduction, you cannot deny that the posters for the movie are a little reminiscent of some other movie posters out there.

I will be the first to admit that many movie posters borrow visual styles from others (“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” I believe is the phrase for this), but considering that I have had to see the billboard for Abduction everyday on my commute, I feel like I have to get this out of my system before I explode.

POSTER #1: The Abduction Identity

Here we have both men running, looking worried and to the side, with perpendicular lines drawing the eye to the name of the film. They’re in a sense mirror images of each other because the placement of the tagline and the direction the actors are looking. When you put them side to side it looks like they’re running from the same thing, which I think is kind of funny. Run, boys, run!

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My favorite moment from “INCEPTION”

Instead of writing what would be a very long post as to why I love “Inception” I’m going to talk about my favorite moment from the entire film.


Out of all the fantastical, intriguing, and haunting sequences from this movie there is one particular moment I would like to focus on. There is a chase scene that involves Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Cobb, running from bounty hunters through the windy streets of Mombasa. It is a very exciting scene that is well choreographed and the score composed by Hans Zimmer only makes the heart beat faster. There is a moment, though, where Cobb is running between two buildings and for a few seconds when he is close to the exit he gets stuck. This is the moment I love. Even though he is only stuck there for a couple of seconds we feel his desperation making it seem like an eternity. What makes this moment great for me is that it happens while he’s awake.

How many times have you had a dream that you were running in a hallway, or any type of closed in path, and all of a sudden the it becomes smaller and you are trapped there? No matter how much you struggle you are completely stuck while being overcome by feelings of claustrophobia and terror. Perhaps you’ve never dreamt it, but I certainly have. There are many dream archetypes that appear in the film while the characters are in the dream state, but this particular moment happens during Cobb’s waking moments. To have this moment take place during the waking hours shows how for Cobb the dream world and the waking world have crossed over. In the dream state he is haunted by his late wife, Mal, who is a manifestation of his guilt over her death. To be haunted in one’s dreams is not very uncommon, but having that shrinking path during the chase scene just shows how much the character is consumed by his curiosity of the subconscious, its exploration, and his guilt. He is not only being chased by bounty hunters. He is being chased by the consuming power of the dream.

The ending haunts us with the question, “Was it all a dream?” You could argue either way. Perhaps that scene took place during what Cobb thought was his waking hours to make us questions the reality of it all. 

After all, the dream is real.