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Independence Day: Resurgence


On July 3, 1996, the most glorious alien-invasion movie hit the theaters and we forever knew: Independence Day. Will Smith was at the top of his game. Vivica A. Fox managed to keep her son AND her giant golden labrador alive. Bill Pullman was the best President of the United States (ever) with the best motivational-lets-go-die-in-war speech (ever). Jeff Goldblum, once again, just charmed the pants off everyone.

Twenty years later, we got a sequel with Independence Day: Resurgence. Pullman and Goldblum returned, joined by new cast members, including Liam Hemsworth, Jessie T. Usher (who played a grown-up Dylan) and Maika Monroe (who played a grown-up Patricia, President Whitmore’s daughter from the first film). Although, the actor who stole the show was Brent Spiner, who returned to reprise his role as Dr. Brakish Okun.

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Ep. 273 Alchimique’s Tears of (Spider) Joy


Last podcast of the year! The Space Pirate Queen and Gizzy B give Alchimique the greatest gift of all: the gift of an orb of spider love! Listen to the Lady Geeks discuss their excitement over the Independence Day Resurgence trailer along with a cool fan theory over the fate of Hedwig from Harry Potter. Fanfic Theatre: Star Wars

Awesome Fanfic Monday: Independence Day x Doctor Who

That’s right, kids, it’s time for another edition of Fanfic Monday!

Since last weekend was the 4th of July I thought what better way to start off the week than with an Independence Day fanfic? I mean, doing that is super duper patriotic, amirite?? Anyway, I stumbled across a fanfic that also happens to crossover with Doctor Who. I guess I accidentally just undid the patriotism since Doctor Who is a UK show. Whoops. Sorry, ‘Muricah.

5 Independence Day Meme

The fanfic this week is called “Of Time Lords, Independence, and Presidents” and is by Ford.Ye.Fiji of This is a short, but sweet story that any fan of these two differences franchises will enjoy. It takes place during the scene in Independence Day that makes all of us shed a tear, the scene when President Roslin, I mean, First Lady Marilyn Whitmore is dying. In the fanfiction though someone shows up to intervene and it’s none other than the 11th Doctor. Since it’s not a fixed point in time (what follows the next day is) he’s able to make things a little better.

The reason why I picked this fanfiction is because, for one, I am a sucker for crossovers and I love seeing how people can in a creative way combine two fictional universes. Ford.Ye.Fiji did a great job of this and also captured the personality of the 11th Doctor very well. They also made sure to include some aspects of the Doctor Who universe which I thought was really awesome. My only complain about this fic? Where the hell was Goldblum??? Mind you, that’s my complaint about 99.9% of the media, so there you go.

What are some of your favorite crossovers? Which stories would Goldblum’s presence had improved the most? Let us know below!

Ep. 124 Taken Trilogy

In this week’s episode, the Lady Geeks discuss all the fine films that are on the works in Hollywood currently — including Independence Day 2, Taken 3 and the third Riddick movie. Gizzy B is once again way too excited to be talking about Jeff Goldblum. Listen to SailorMizz answer another burning question and give advice to a listener.