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Ep. 223 Ta-tas, Bun-Buns

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The Lady Geeks are unsure of their uncomfortable feelings for grown-up Daniel Radcliffe, plus, how Chris Pratt makes angry nerds’ hearts grow three times bigger. Also… Poo-nado. Fanfic Theatre: Arrow x Step Up (and speed racing).

Ep. 220 Glitter Bombed Huntsman Spider Revenge

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  Alchimique brings back “Fandom Word of the Day” and discusses how the young kids of the tumblrverse use the word “garbage” and talks about her weekend at Anime Los Angeles, then the Lady Geeks devise the best sort of revenge upon a person: a glitter bomb with a very pissed off glitter covered huntsman… Read more »

INTERVIEW: Steve Lund of ‘Bitten’

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It’s kind of hard not to enjoy an interview when you get to talk about Indiana Jones, superpowers, and Boba Fett mugs. Recently I had the pleasure of conducting a very fun interview with actor Steve Lund who will be appearing in the upcoming show¬†Bitten.¬†Lund will be playing the character Nick, a werewolf who is… Read more »

Jurassic Con 2012

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Frank and Son’s Collectible show hosted the first Jurassic Con this past weekend at Rowland Heights, California. Frank and Son’s is a biweekly “convention” that is opened twice a week. Think, Kowloon City for nerds or as I liked to compare it, a Farmer’s Market for nerd collectors! Jurassic Con consisted of props from the… Read more »

Ep. 43 A New Year with Harrison Ford

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A new year, another year for the Lady Geeks to babble and giggle like the awkward nerds we are. This podcast presents to you the future of food printing and the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar. Which is why we decided to answer the age-old question: Indiana Jones or Han Solo?… Read more »