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Ep. 106 Leah Cevoli


This weekend at Wondercon, actress and all around lady-of-all-trades, Leah Cevoli is moderating a panel called All Shapes and Sizes Welcome, discussing the female body image and women’s issues in the industry. The Lady Geeks also open up about their own personal experiences from struggling with weight gain to skinny-shaming to finding self-love. We also get into discussions about cats (again), our dream bubble-baths, Jesus and talking cheeseburgers. If you’ll be at Wondercon, we hope to see you at Leah’s panel on Saturday!

Ep. 103 Stephanie Gorin and Naomi Snieckus


We spoke to casting director, Stephanie Gorin and actress, Naomi Snieckus who both star in their own award winning — and hilarious! — web series called The Casting Room. Listen in as we discuss what it’s like to be in a real casting room, the funny things actors would do in auditions and what it takes to make a web series successful. Don’t forget to check out The Casting Room and to follow them on Twitter @TheCastingRoom1.