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Ep. 228 Legends Podcast Crossover, the Sequel


Legends Podcast (formerly known Comic Books Legend) actually agreed to do another crossover podcast with us — suckaaahs!… So we bring you, THE SEQUEL. We talk current news, Wing’s French-y-ness and why the Lady Geeks fail at watching television. Theatre Fanfic: Arrow.

Ep. 112 Movie Autotune-ing

The Lady Geeks record their last normal podcast for awhile before the Space Pirate Queen and Gizzy B jets off to Europe. We talk about vampires watching YouTube, flying on airplanes and how Nolan will not be making our JGL-Batman dreams come true in the upcoming Justice League movie. SPQ attempted to hold back on ranting against Man of Steel but failed miserably. Fanfic Theater: James Bond.

Ep. 84 Midnight Show for Hansel and Gretel

The Lady Geeks discuss how people should probably not make hateful and misogynistic wall posts about cosplayers on Facebook. Then, we get excited about the release of the Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters movie and how sexy Daniel Craig was in the new Bond flick.