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Ep. 162 Things to Learn from Sandra Bullock


You heard it here first — Pilbeam will be writing a book dedicated to life lessons one can learn from watching Sandra Bullock movies! We talk a little bit about Valentine’s Day, plus the most amazing movie news EVER. Fanfic Theatre: Harry Potter.’s Fall Formal 2011 Tells a Tiny Story

On October 10th, 2011 Gizzy B, Fortune Cookie, and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Joseph Gordon Levitt &’s Fall Formal 2011. is a website and production company that is dedicated to collaboration with all forms of art from film, animation and song.  This formal was a concert and film festival of everything they have been working on with appearances from Anne Hathaway, Neil Patrick Harris, Gary Oldman, Tasha Taylor and much more. It would take me seven blogs to talk about everything that happened that evening.  What I would like to tell you about is one of my favorite moments of the show, Tiny Stories.

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In Honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, Let’s Talk About ‘Treasure Planet’

AVAST! YARR!Every year on September 19 it is officially (according to the internet that is) Talk Like a Pirate Day. As you all know, I am not a traditional pirate. I have respect for it’s long time traditions and customs such as looting, plundering and drinking a lot of ale. Since I am the Space Pirate Queen, I do my looting and plundering in space (much bigger than the ocean!) and instead of ale, I drink a lot of space wine.

That is why I wanted to blog about Disney’s Treasure Planet which is honestly one of my favorite animated films.

Unfortunately, Treasure Planet didn’t get as much love as it deserved and suffered severe criticism for being “gimmicky” for taking the literature it was based on to space. I will not discuss why this movie was not as successful as most Disney films are but I will tell you why I personally love it.

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