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Ep. 7 Oh Hello, Mr. Giles



In this episode our intrepid hosts talk about one of their favorite shows, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. They do their best to stay on topic as they discuss the two part premiere episode, seeing it again with adult eyes along with discussing Joss Whedon, their favorite characters, and what the show meant to them growing up.


Joss Whedon On Romney and Zombies

Each lady on the Defective Geeks circle of blogging and mayhem have their own political views. Mainly, we keep them off this blog and you may see our opinions in each of our own personal accounts.

Also, I don’t usually share them viral videos on the blog, but I think all of us can agree that Joss Whedon is always amazing and this video is full of hilarity. Please. Enjoy.

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Ep. 71 Not A Las Vegas Podcast

The epic podcast on the ride to Las Vegas was lost due to a technological snafu on the Space Pirate Queen’s part. As punishment, her crew had abandoned her and she is left to record an emergency podcast all by herself. Enjoy as SPQ talked to herself for almost an hour in this very special episode.

AVENGERS PRESS JUNKET: DDR, Man Soup, and Stroking Hawkeye’s Bow

Get ready for May 4th cause the Fourth is strong with The Avengers.

Greetings readers! Sabina AKA Wicked Phoenix here, sending her first transmission for Defective Geeks! A couple weeks ago, I got invited to The Avengers press junket and after writing my feature for Campus Circle, I found that there was so much material to share and geek out over with y’all.

Where to begin?

Ah-yes Robert Downey Jr. That man is Tony Stark or is Tony Stark just an extension or RDJ? He totally pulled an “I am Iron Man” moment when he announced, “Yeah, and not to keep you guessing, but we’re actually not done shooting. We are shooting one more scene tonight. Not kidding.”

That’s not exactly a spoiler, but since the premiere cut of the Avengers clocked in at roughly two-hours and a half, this news definitely a surprise to hear. During the second panel Joss was asked if Robert was kidding and he replied, “He’s Robert.  Of course, he’s kidding.”  (But apparently-NOT.  Many other news sources have confirmed that they did shoot an additional scene.)

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Ep. 34 Podcast Fun Time Now

Our passion for all things geek fun time now! Yes, the Lady Geeks do talk about SNL’s “J-Pop America Fun Time Now” and how the skit is pretty damn accurate. Admit it, you weeaboos. We talk a little about the Avengers trailer, Ed Norton’s love for the Hulk and Joss Whedon. Fanfic Theatre involves Goku, Anne Frank and Hitler.