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Fortune Cookie’s Current Season

I used to watch a lot of anime. I’d get up every morning to record Pokemon and I was the kid who saved up their allowance to buy whole series composed of $30 DVDs. I also devoured series with the USC Anime Club during my college years.

So now that I’m too far away to justify making the trek to LA to hang with college kid otaku on weeknights and my tastes have evolved over the years, just what have I been watching recently and what do I plan to watch?

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

At first glance it looks like a generic cute magical girls show that is targeted towards older men. But it is anything but shallow.

The cute faces and designs hide a darker tale of psychological torment and struggle in which the main character Madoka and her friend Sayaka meet the alien life form Kyubey who promises to grant any single wish in return for their service as Puella Magi “magical girls” who fight witches that prey upon normal humans. But things aren’t as simple or straightforward as they seem to be ; At least if you’re human. There’s lots of legit angst going on in this series so be warned!

The series is 12 episodes long and I finished it all on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I think it’s a good series for a rainy day and that it shows the emotional strength of all the characters very well even if they’re crying half the time. Crying isn’t always bad. Since the series comes from Shaft and Aniplex, the animation is good quality and loves to play with surrealist elements and symbolism. The series just got licensed in America so it will be easy to find on the legal market in the next few months.

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