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Ep. 64 Bane’s Cookies

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Gizzy survived her time in the woods where we all know are full of serial killers and came home to join the Space Pirate Queen, Sailor Mizz and Fortune Cookie to discuss how we are all champion sperms, more Batman geekery, the gay Green Lantern and bear vigilantes in Canada. Fanfic Theater: Legend of Korra.

Ep. 63 Kristen Stewart Episode

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A surprise livestream episode! Hooray for awkward livstreaming with the Space Pirate Queen, Fortune Cookie and Wicked Phoenix. We discuss a bunch of random things due to SPQ’s lack of sleep such as E3, Spoilers, Prometheus… and Kristen Stewart.

Ep. 30 Geek Collab: The Rise of the Planet of the Lady Geeks

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Defective Geek’s Space Pirate Queen and Gizzy collaborate with RyTime Geekcast’s Ryan and Cindy Bennett plus Castle Co-op’s Blake Howard. The group records this megacast of pure geekery and undying love for Kevin Smith and his work. We all met because of SModcast Internet Radio. We also try our hands on playing One-Truth-Three which proved… Read more »

TV: AMC Greenlights ‘Secret Stash’

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Most of Kevin Smith’s loyal fans, such as myself, have been religiously tuning into to S.I.R. (SModcast Internet Radio) and and have heard of this reality shot that they were developing for AMC TV. Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave is one of the original podcasts on the SMod network, currently boasting over 70+ episodes. Walt Flanagan, who… Read more »

Ep. 27 Our Overlord the Mouse

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The Lady Defectivegeeks only wishes that they can kill more Nazis with their bare hands like their new hero, Nancy Wake (rest in peace). We touch on the Disney and Marvel relationship and Ryan Gosling, defender of all hipsters. The Space Pirate Queen doesn’t like January Jones but we really like Kevin Smith and his… Read more »