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SDCC 2017: Scenes Around the Con, Part 3

Here is the last batch of photos from Thursday from the convention— it really was a busy day! A busy day being rowdy with the Outlander dudes for a few minutes… totally the funniest part of the day.

Thanks to awesome people, I got to check out the Kingsman lounge and got to enjoy free drinks. I didn’t have time to enjoy a free Poppy’s burger though, but it was a pretty awesome deal for fans! Afterwards, I made my way to the Her Universe fashion show to cheer for friends who were part of the contest. Check out more photos below after the jump!

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Fanart Glee: Kingsman: The Secret Service



Fanart by lamialee @ tumblr

It’s been awhile since I’ve done Fanart Glee and Kingsman: The Secret Service is the perfect fandom for today’s post. This movie gave me a lot of glee. Full on fangirl-squee-glee and of course, my fellow fans do not fail me with adorable fanart. I swear these are not all Gazelle art since she’s obviously the coolest character in the movie. One thing I want to mention too is that it’s awesome to see the fandom explode for this movie. There were SO many good artwork to choose from, I could be on Tumblr and Deviantart for days.

Check out my picks below!

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