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It’s bigger on the inside…

Months ago, I promised the Space Pirate Queen I would knit her a Tardis iPad sleeve. (Interestingly, they’re called ‘cozy’ over in England). It took me AGES to find the right kind of blue. It wasn’t like I could walk into a knitting store and ask if they had Tardis blue. Well, I could have, but I already get funny looks for being American, I don’t need more.

Finally, I found the blue I wanted. However, as the pattern used a few techniques for knitting I was unfamiliar with, I decided to start small. I found a similar pattern for a phone sized one.

And this is the end result:

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Fibre-East 2011

While we wait for the Comic-con reports from the other Defective Geekers, I’ll tell you about the convention I attended this weekend. It was certainly a geeky convention, but not a conventional one.

I attended Fibre-East today. I heard about it by chance on Ravelry and it’s not far from where I live, so a bunch of friends and myself made a day of it.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect, having never been to a fibre festival before, but I really enjoyed it. It was quite small, and not very busy, but we did go on the Sunday. The Saturday had been very busy, apparently. But, I was actually pleased it was relatively quiet. It made it easier to talk to stall attendants and view the shearing demo.


YUP. A shearing demonstration. Video here! Not something I want to have a go at any time soon, but it was neat to see how it was done. What was even cooler was that they immediately took the sheared wool to the tent next door and started to spin it. As soon as it was spun, someone started to knit it. So, by the end of the day, they’d take the wool that had been on the sheep and made a sweater. Pretty hardcore. I chatted with one of the ladies participating and she said she really didn’t like how the wool felt in that unwashed state. It was really greasy with lanolin and I imagine quite rough.

There were two marquees with stalls. Most of it was, unsurprisingly, unspun wool. It was gorgeous! So many pretty colours.

But, there was a large quantity of spun wool that was very tempting.


It was a great chance to support local spinners and dyers. I even tried my hand at drop spinning! I bought a little kit, I might do another post when I give it a go.

More photos here

LolatAt and George Strikes Back

NERD WARS update:

Two more projects bite the dust!

First up, was my original Youtube challenge piece, but I changed last minute. This is now my 3D piece.

LolATAT wants to be your friend!

Han and Chewie went joy riding:

Secondly, my Youtube challenge piece, that I asked for help for. Inspiration actually came accidentally from someone at work:

George Lucas Strikes Back

And here’s George!


Nerd Wars update

I’ve completed my first challenge in Nerd Wars!

This completes my Team Unity and Lightning challenges.

Now I’m working on something a little more complicated…

Let’s see if you can guess what it is!



I’m blocking those flat, then I’ll sew them together.

That will be my youtube challenge, I think. That leaves 3D, Baby charity, and Adage. I think I’m going to do a dishcloth with a blaster for “There’s nothing like a good blaster at your side.”

I sure hope I can get all these done this month!

Nerd Wars – Round 1 – Stage 1


The challenges have been posted! They are:

Make something 3Dimensional
Make something to do with lightning
Make something to do with an adage or proverb
Make something inspired by a famous youtube video

So, 3D is easy. I’ll just make a Star Wars toy, no problemo.

Lightning, either a lightsaber or I may go crazy and do Palpatine with his Force lightning bolts. Can’t go wrong with old Palpy.

Adage or proverb, we’re still up in the air as to whether movie quotes count. “Let the wookie win” is definitely a proverb in my family, but we’re not sure if they’re legit or not for the contest. But I’m sure I can find a Chinese proverb that says much the same.

But, youtube! I need help! I don’t watch anything from youtube. The challenge becomes harder because, for extra points, I need to connect it to my fandom (Star Wars) some how. The only one I can think of is that kid with the lightsaber, which I suppose I could do, but I bet you wonderful people can think of better things than that, surely! It can be tangentially related to Star Wars, so I was considering doing a lolcat with Leia buns, but I feel like there’s something better out there.

Help me ceiling cat, you’re my only hope!

Clash of the nerd-doms

You may or may not have gathered by now that I really like crochet and knitting. But what I love most about it has been meeting people just as nerdy as me, who also knit and crochet. Some of the things they create are truly amazing:

Jayne Amigurumi
Geek Central Station

When I found out there was going to be a tournament on Ravelry called Nerd Wars, I had to get involved!

The tournament takes place over three months. Each month there are 6 challenges and your goal is complete as many of them as you can that month.

Everyone is split into teams (I’m on Team Rogue Squadron – GO STAR WARS). The challenges will be a generic geeky topic, like Prime Numbers. You then have to think of a project you can make that incorporates prime numbers, but also relates to your team theme.

This is the second tournament they’ve run, I missed the first one, but I’m really looking forward to it! It should be a fun way to stretch my yarn skills and make some cool stuff in the process.

I’ll probably post here with updates on how the tournament is going and what I’m working on.

1 year crochet/knitting anniversary

This month is my 1 year crochet and knitting anniversary. I’m really happy about it, because it is rare for me to stick to any hobby for this long. (Wow, that’s a bad pun. Sorry).

I feel like I’m come really far in one year, but I’m still excited because there is still so much to learn!

This month has been kind of a ‘finishing’ month. A lot of projects I’ve had on the go, since about January, have finally come to an end! Just in time for the hot weather :P

First up are some gloves:

They’re made from wool my friend Katie gave me. The wool is really soft (Alpaca and Merino! My new love!) and a really interesting texture. Most yarn is simply several thin ‘strings’ twisted together to make a big string. But this is actually braided. It had good and bad points. Bad points were if I had to rip out several rows, getting them back on the needles was a nightmare. Good points were it made a really nice texture in the final product.

Second, salad!


A salad scarf from Twinkie Chan’s book. I made the cupcake hat from that book, back in December.

Third, piggy (ok, not finished, but getting close):


This is from Mochimochi Land‘s book. Great book, lots of very interesting patterns. I still need to finish the feet and wig! Can’t have a wigless pig.

Whew! I can’t decide what to work on next. I have some amazing new yarn from my travels with Space Pirate Queen (I’ll make another post about them soon). I think I’m starting to get brave enough to consider doing larger projects soon….Maybe.

That’s all for now! Enjoy your Easter weekend!