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It’s bigger on the inside…

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Months ago, I promised the Space Pirate Queen I would knit her a Tardis iPad sleeve. (Interestingly, they’re called ‘cozy’ over in England). It took me AGES to find the right kind of blue. It wasn’t like I could walk into a knitting store and ask if they had Tardis blue. Well, I could have,… Read more »

Fibre-East 2011

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While we wait for the Comic-con reports from the other Defective Geekers, I’ll tell you about the convention I attended this weekend. It was certainly a geeky convention, but not a conventional one. I attended Fibre-East today. I heard about it by chance on Ravelry and it’s not far from where I live, so a… Read more »

LolatAt and George Strikes Back

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NERD WARS update: Two more projects bite the dust! First up, was my original Youtube challenge piece, but I changed last minute. This is now my 3D piece. LolATAT wants to be your friend! Han and Chewie went joy riding: Secondly, my Youtube challenge piece, that I asked for help for. Inspiration actually came accidentally… Read more »

Are you an angel? (Nerd Wars)

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Finished my Amidala amigurumi for Nerd Wars! I submitted it for my ‘adage’ challenge. Don’t judge a book by its cover, it might kick your ass. (Well, I made up the last bit).

Nerd Wars update

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I’ve completed my first challenge in Nerd Wars! This completes my Team Unity and Lightning challenges. Now I’m working on something a little more complicated… Let’s see if you can guess what it is! I’m blocking those flat, then I’ll sew them together. That will be my youtube challenge, I think. That leaves 3D, Baby… Read more »

Nerd Wars – Round 1 – Stage 1

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The challenges have been posted! They are: Make something 3Dimensional Make something to do with lightning Make something to do with an adage or proverb Make something inspired by a famous youtube video So, 3D is easy. I’ll just make a Star Wars toy, no problemo. Lightning, either a lightsaber or I may go crazy… Read more »