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Lady Geek Spotlight: Louanne ‘Scarlett’ Ojeda, Nerd Mom from the House of Gryffindor

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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Scarlett and I am an honor roll making, JK Rowling worshipping, wand carrying, nerd t-shirt and slacks with Converse wearing, book reading, WoW playing,Wizard Wrock listening, geek blog following, comic book hoarding, fangirl squeeing, Facebook loving, convention attending, antique collecting, bookshelf breaking, recycle bag using, list making,… Read more »

Lady Geek Spotlight: Stephanie Hayslip, Actress, Singer and Likes the ‘F-Word’ a Lot

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Today, female nerds are lucky enough to have the internet and to have blogs, twitters, facebooks, etc. where we can voice our opinions and be heard by our community. Still, I wanted to reach out to the ladies who have made an impression on me  and specially feature them on Defective Geeks. We bring you… Read more »