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Gallifrey One 2012: Mark Sheppard


I was really looking forward to Mark Sheppard at Gallifrey One 2012. I sat at his panel on Saturday afternoon which he shared with his father, Morgan Sheppard. Mark is always a good guest to have speak on stage because he is always very honest, straight forward and blunt – but he manages to remain very kind and playful towards the fans. The banter between him and his father was also fun to watch. Both men definitely share the same sense of humor and take pride in their body of work.

Mark definitely takes joy out of attending different conventions and seems to be grateful to be a part of everyone’s fandom. It would be great if he returns to Doctor Who at some point.

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SDCC 2011, More Press Rooms: Supernatural

Just dialing it back a little and wrapping up more San Diego Comic Con 2011 blogs here. I guess I didn’t write about attending the Supernatural room for the LA Weekly website. By whatever miracle I managed to drag myself out of bed early that Sunday morning and made it in time to the press room at 9:30am.

SDCC 2011, Supernatural Press Room

In case you guys didn’t realize this yet– I’m a big ol’ Supernatural fangirl. Not in the scary way (I don’t think) but in the I LOVE THIS SHOW SO F***ING MUCH IT’S THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER IN MY LIFE kind of way. Well. I suppose that could be the ‘scary way’ too. Uh… yeah. Moving on.

My point is it was kind of a blessing that I was too exhausted by Sunday to freak out because normal me would have been crying in a corner from nervousness. Which almost happened the last two times we went to the Salute to Supernatural conventions. (See Supernatural Vancouver Con and Supernatural in LA, Day 2 posts).

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Supernatural in LA, Day 1 (part 2)

SPN, LA Con 2011
Richard Speight Jr, Misha Collins, Traci Dinwiddie, Jim Beaver, Mark Sheppard...and us!

I decided to start this post with the magical photo-op we did at the end of Saturday. Instead of paying for individual photos with the Saturday guests, we decided to pool our money into the group photo instead. I forced/bullied/peer pressured Giselle into the hamster kigurumi. Mark Sheppard was most excited and his eyes lit up when he saw me. He said: “Pikachu!!!” I’m guessing his children enjoys the Pokemon. Jim seemed bewildered and Traci was giggling. Misha had already seen kigus in the past, and I am sure Richard has seen weirder things but he was very amused.

Our direction to them for the photo was to pose like we were all about to go into battle. Richard and Jim follows directions well. Traci is ready to kill Jim and Misha. Misha and Mark… well, something happened there that we did not witness. When the photo was done, Mark commented: “That was the most normal thing they’ve asked us to do all day!”

Mark and Misha were the last two panels of the day.

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